Did the method of entertainment among young American (age 20-25) change or remain the same since the sass. Comparing Entertainment between Two Centuries It may seem that we have changed Immensely since the last century, our clothing, our economy, or the way we entertain ourselves. But contradictory to our beliefs not many things actually changed. Everything that we see today is an evolutionary form of the early sass.

In the early sass’s it was the time when many immigrants grated to America with abundant Job opportunities available. With many working men and women, people started to look for ways to spend times when they weren’t working. The popular method of entertainment during that era for men and women through the age of twenty to twenty-five were very similar to the contemporary way of having fun. Entertainment today has stayed the same with very few changes since the early sass. Similar to today, many young men and women loved to go out and watch movies.

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The 20th century was the start of the film industry. The first film was shown by an American Inventor Thomas Edison in 1903. He has created a short motion picture called the “The Great Train Robbery’. (Clark 1) Ever since then young Americans were addicted to watching movies. Soon after a much longer films was released such as the “Birth of a Nation” by D. W. Griffith. By sass most American cities had their very own theater, and everyone went to go see a movie at least once a week or even more. The film industry started to grow immediately and became part of the American culture.

Movies became a part of everyone’s life. “People might not know the names of government officials, but they knew the names of every leading actor and stress. “(Talks 3) Movies were entertaining and gave the young American hopes and dreams. It was a method to get away from their trouble lives and let them dream of bigger things. Along with the very popular movies in the early sass came the actors and actresses who portrayed American’s favorite character. Similar to how we treat our celebrities now, celebrities became considerably very huge in the early sass.

Everyone knew who Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentine are and what movies they played In. Just Like today’s “A” list stars, Chaplin and Valentine were the stars of those days. (Clark 1) Americans were very thrilled of the new technology that enables them to actually see their imagination on screen, Rudolph Valentine was among one of the most talented who help made this possible. Rudolph Valentine was one of the first very popular stars. Rudolph Valentine was an Italian actor. He was very famous especially with the females during the sass.

Valentine starred in countless famous films such playing as the Latin Lover”. Rudolph Valentine was the sex symbol of the sass. Although he passed away at the age of thirty-one, Rudolph work left a mark in the hearts of young American everywhere. He was the very first idol in America and his death devastated young women everywhere. (Ramirez 71) “Movies in America became one of the favorite leisure activities and remain that way today, which is proven through box office numbers. Though today, in addition to sound and color, film makers are also using the newest technology to create special effects.

Movies cost more and more to make, and it seems like the more expensive the movie to make, the more popular it is to American consumers. ” (Dirks 3) Another great way young American spent their free-time is listening to music or naming to music. This is also how young men and women today spend their time doing, clubbing and dancing. In sass young men and women in the United States loved to celebrate and party. It was known as the “Roaring ass. ” for its impact in arts and music. Just like today, the twenties was very rich in culture. People danced until the dropped, and one fell to the floor, dead! ” (Cruz 1) Since people during that period loved to celebrate, there were also many fads. Similar to contemporary dances such as the Salsa, Waltz, and Tango; Foxtrot, Charleston, and the Shimmy were some of the favorite dance style of the early sass. People were involved so much into dancing that there would be on going dance session. The record was held with the dance marathon lasting three weeks. (Cruz 1) The sass was the time when many famous artists began to reveal their talent. It was the age of the Jazz and Blues.

Identical to our period, young Americans were in a habit to listening to music constantly. Almost all house held had a radio. “Jazz or not many of the most popular hits in the sass were still produced by Tin Pan Alley, including sass’s miss We Have No Bananas” and sass’s “Sweet Georgia Brown. . (Carlisle 43) The name Tin Pan Alley was given to a group of music publisher and artists who lived in New York City during the sass. Tin Pan Alley was very popular around that age. “They dominated the popular music of the United State in the late 19th century and early 20th century. (Carlisle 43) Tin Pan Alley got their name because they were located in an alley in Manhattan. Jazz initially began in the south among African American. It wasn’t till the sass when it began to become famous. Many of the whites at that time referred to the music as “Niger music”. Jazz was part of the black culture. During the migration era when the blacks began to move up north, Jazz was mixed with the white culture. It was in that time when Jazz began to rise in popularity in all America. (Hanson 70) Jazz became not Just part of the black culture but it also intertwined with the white culture as well.

Jazz musician began to play at locals clubs and parties. Jazz in the sass was the fad of that time. One of the most famous and most influential Jazz musicians of all time has to be Louis Satchel Armstrong. Armstrong studied the cornet in New Orleans reform school. When he reached the age 14 he Joined his mentor Joe “King” Oliver. Louis Armstrong is most famous for changing Jazz to what has become the modern Jazz. His talent as a musician was appreciated by all Americans. His most famous recording is “West Blues End. (Richardson 1)Just like top artists and singer of our A great invention that moved young American from outdoors to indoors is the radio. The term “tuned in” came from the early sass when everyone would stay in and listen to the radio. America at all age enjoyed listening to the radio. It was the equivalent for us with Television. The radio of the time broadcasted everything that our television shows us. If you tuned in at the right time, you could catch comedy shows, news, live events, Jazz, variety shows, drama, opera, you name it, and the radio had it. (Cruz 1) The radio was also used by young American to relax and as an entertainment during that time. Similar to today many young American during the sass enjoyed watching sports. Although sport was not broadcasted in television, people would go to stadiums to watch it live. In the beginning of 1921 the first baseball game was broadcasted through the radio. From there radio stations began to broadcast sports everywhere ND it was extremely popular among all age groups. Families would huddle around the radio and listen to the games all the time.

The most popular sport during that time was “baseball, boxing, and college football”. (Carlisle 45) Basketball during that era was Just not as popular to what is today. The higher class citizen chose to watch golf, horse racing, and tennis. Baseball became the America’s pastime. In 1903 the first World Series took place, and the first stadium was created in Cleveland, Boston, New York, and Chicago. “The famous baseball anthem, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”, was first heard in 1909. “(Each 1) On February 6, 1895 one of the most popular entertainer was born, George Hereon Ruth.

Also known as Babe Ruth changed the history of baseball in the early sass. He is similar to our favorite player, Kobo Bryant. Babe Ruth is considered to be the greatest player of all time. He is most famous for his “power hits” and his homeruns. Babe Ruth was definitely one of the greatest sports players America has ever seen. I’m sure the people of the sass’s greatly enjoyed seeing this amazing athlete play the game of baseball, America’s favorite pastime”. (Richardson 2) Nowadays, almost everyone knows how to read, and reading is a big part of our lives. We read every day.