Music is everywhere. It may come from different places in the world. New innovations of instruments, new musical forms or new breed of musicians exist based on the cultural influence on a particular area. Randall is an ensemble of the Philippines consisting of plucked string instruments with percussion. The size of a Randall can vary; while a small ensemble might feature eight or so instruments a large ensemble can comprise more than 30.

The major Randall Instruments are the bandanna(14- string lute with a flat black Laud (Lute), Octavia (small guitar), guitar and the double bass. Smaller ensemble might include one of each instrument and omit the Octavia and laud, while larger ensemble increases the number of instruments included rather than the types (Mendoza, 2001). Ramona Santos, a composer and head of the Musicological Society of the Philippines said that Filipino Randall represents a national heritage that Is locally unique yet globally connected.

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A tradition that evolved from the Spanish compare standstill, the Randall has been adopted, modified and developed by the Filipino to express a national folk life and social environment (motherlands. Com/dir/_page/101006/index. PH). Randall music in the Philippines has been present through many decades and has had continued success in the major sectors of society like in schools, church and some government sectors. Different styles, genres and techniques have been done to improve the music of Mondale.

Randall of Zebu, being a promising and hopeful music Is still growing In numbers and Is vastly being promoted to schools and the different sectors of the city. Hence, different musicians from all corners of Zebu specifically the Randall conductors have a great role in developing the Randall music of the city. The conductor, being the core or the head of an ensemble, and the players as well, plays a major role in making the music right.

The purpose of this research is to know the story, Its existence and the development of the Randall of Zebu. Theoretical Background The Randall is an ensemble of stringed instruments played with the plectrum or pick and generally known as plectrum instruments. It originated in Medieval Spain, especially in Catalonia, Argon, Marcia, and Valiance. The tradition was later taken to Spanish America and elsewhere. The word Randall is from the Spanish rondo, meaning “serenade. ” (http://en. Wailed. Org/wagonload).

Spain brought the Mondale to the Philippines In the sass’s. An ensemble of plectrum Instruments, the early Philippine Randall repertoire consisted primarily of Western European symphonic overtures and arias from operas. Its compatibility with native Philippine music allowed the Randall to figure prominently in Filipino rural community life, providing accompaniment to folk dancing and singing as well as the featured ensemble (http://disseminative. Bloodspot. Com).