“Scripted to be Real: I am more than what is Perceived” Overview of the Problem In a day and age where sex, money, and drugs have been perceived as an African American’s reality, It Is difficult for them to tell their own story. Because of this absence, young African Americans believe their opportunities and capabilities are limited and thus do nothing to prove otherwise. Hence, the goal of Smooth House Productions is to be an inspiration.

Our belief is that through the development of Smooth House Productions, we offer a positive outlook to the younger generation to kook beyond what is perceived and create their own meaning. By building upon this company, we offer not only a chance to create their own identity, but also the opportunity to work toward creating a new perception. Background Information Established in September 2011 in Baltimore, MD by Morgan State University Mass Communication major Mr..

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Christian Smooth, Smooth House Production is an independent private production company dedicated to creating Innovative and leading-edge entertainment, predominantly targeting African Americans between the ages of 18 and 25. The Idea was discovered after this young entrepreneur had a vision to portray African American everyday urban life from an eye of one to the eyes of many. He felt that too often were people trying to identify what it meant to be African American, and too often did African Americans not take the time to identify themselves.

With this vision and urge for change, in November 2011, Mr.. Smooth partnered with his Communication colleagues Angel Amour and Nicholas Bush. Cohesively they constructed their premiere production The Student Body, alerting other companies that a new production was ready for the challenges they had to endure to become a part of the major conglomerates in the entertainment industry. The Student Body focuses on the lives of students at a fictional historically black college, Anagram University in Baltimore, MD.

The Student Body is an American television show/original series that displays modern, fresh perspectives, while shedding new light on the challenges that black students face from the time they apply to college through their lives on campus. The new generations of black college students differ in attitudes, backgrounds from earlier generations, and demonstrate he importance of understanding the diversity of Black culture. By working closely with each student to create a distinctive story, Smooth House Productions successfully transforms the message from page to screen.

Despite the difficulty in competing against major production companies, Smooth House Productions strives to As an inventive production company, Smooth House Productions transforms the typical reality television show project into a first-hand, informative, memorable, realistic and entertaining experience. Mission/ Objectives * To create a positive African American perception in cultivating media. * To offer entertainment that caters to different platforms of media including television, film, and primarily Internet based shows. To provide full film and other services utilizing a team of talented students. * To provide an alternate vision of the life of African Americans besides the negativity portrayed. Executive Staff * Christian Smooth: Founder of Smooth House Productions * Angel Amour: Producer * Nicholas Bush: Director * Alicia Argument: Assistant Director * David Warfield: Advisor * Keith Malinger: Advisor Fact Sheet on Smooth House Productions: * Established in September 2011 by Christian Smooth in Baltimore, MD at Morgan State University * The Student Body was the first production created by Smooth House Productions. The company vision is to creating innovative and leading-edge entertainment predominantly targeting African Americans between the ages of 18 and 25. * The purpose of this company is to raise awareness that African American have to proclaim their own identity and prove that it is more to their life than Just negativity. * Because it is a student reality television production, Smooth House Productions urges students to contribute whatever talents they may withhold to make this reduction a great success. In return, students can receive additional skills in any aspect of the communication field and internship credit.

Fact Sheet on The Student Body: * The script for The Student was written Fall 2012. * The company strives to use real stories of students to create the script so that it successfully fits the role of what it means and takes to be a “reality show. ” * Inspired by the old NBC television show A Different World. * Scheduled to release Spring 2013; set to premiere on Youth. Smooth House Productions was founded by Christian Smooth in response to the active perception people of society continuously created of African Americans.

This company was originally a way to enlighten young African Americans that there are limitless opportunities they are capable of achieving despite where they come from and what they have endured in their past. With its motto “Scripted to be real: I am more than what is Perceived,” Smooth House Productions strives to reach out as an inspiration to those young African Americans involved and/or surrounded by sex, money, and drugs, offering alternatives to those who seek change, support, and hope.

Christian Smooth, with the assistance of Angel Amour and Nicholas Bush and other executive staff members, organized this television production The Student Body to expose the public to the reality of what has been seen and what has been perceived. This company also encourages young people to step out and make the public aware that African Americans are capable of achieving an education and employment, despite what other negativity they have been exposed to. To demonstrate the more positive aspects of life, Smooth House Productions places The Student Body in Anagram University, a fictional university located in Baltimore, MD.

To create a more realistic scene, Smooth House Productions sustains the actual life of a university: the mascot featured as The Fighting Moors, an academic staff over 400, administrative staff over 1 ,OHO, 6,400 students calculated as the undergraduate student body and 1,027 as the postgraduate student body. By creating an actual setting with real life scenarios, it is nearly impossible to call this reality television show anything else besides truthful. In successfully doing so, Smooth House Productions makes the primitive mark in allowing African Americans to identify themselves and tell their own story.