The song I chose to evaluate for Assignment 2 Is Searcher’ by Outselling. The song can be found In Section 1: Basic Musical Concepts, “Folksongs, Art Music, and All That Jazz. “As a referential listener, two things come to mind as I listen to this easy go Jazz song by Duke. The first, I remember the first time really hearing jazz musicals when I was at a dinner banquet for my great grandmother. Since then, Behave always associated Jazz with a fine dining background sic or elevator’s at a nice hotel or business.

The second, is a reference to Duke Lengthiness’s. I had to a little project on Elongating for Black History month as a shareholder. So I am fairly familiar with his music and his life. In respect to my personification, Searching’ is somewhat like program music. It’s smooth, easy electromagnetically music. Elongating himself is a king of program music having benefited on Soundtrack work to over 198 movie titles.

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The musical concept In Duke’s Searcher’ s a Jazz ensemble or Big Band-Like most Jazz, had a numerous short, reoccurring Plano riff. This Characteristic of almost all Jazz. The song also featured a saxophone, Westinghouse the song had its own solo. It is likely that Duke’s band also had trumpet, clarinet, and other typical jazz instruments. The song was very effective presenting the many different instruments and showcasing the Jazz feel. Likelihoods said, “I’m going to give you one note today… See how many ways yucca play it.