This case describes and presents the problems faced by Mr.. Rutland, Professor of History at the University of Virginia and founder of the National Jazz Hall of Fame (NJ), In his attempts to gain national recognition for the organization. The NJ has achieved moderate success at a local level but has not attracted the needed national recognition. Basically the NJ was established to maintain a jazz museum in an old Paramount theatre. For doing that he needed funding around 600 000$.

In addition o this problem, there are other organizations attempting to form a “National Jazz Hall of Fame”. Mr.. Rutland is faced with the dilemma of whether to abandon this project or to use some marketing strategies to help succeed. Mr.. Rutland engaged an independent consultant to answer these questions who conducted two national surveys and provided recommendations based on the survey results. SUMMARY OF THE CASE Text Box: Louis Armstrong’s is a popular type of music which combines Black Spirituals, African Rhythms, and Cajun music. It began In New Orleans In early sass’s ND traveled to SST.

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Lolls, Kansas City, and Memphis, Chicago and New York and these cities musicians developed local styles of Jazz. Over the years different sounds emerged-swing, big band, bebop, fusion and others. So, according to LOUIS Armstrong’s, Jazz Is, “If you have to ask what Jazz Is, you’ll never know. ” The origin of NJ comes from a local Landmark of Charlottesville, the city’s historic district, the Paramount theatre. The Paramount was constructed in sass’s used as performance centre and movie theatre. In sass’s It was In danger of dilapidated, In ERM of saving Mr..

Rutland established a Jazz Hall of fame- that would be used as a museum and performance center – capitalize on the theater’s name. NJ was incorporated by Mr.. Rutland and his several friends in Charlottesville. They formed board of directors in early 1983. The NJ National Advisory board was consisted of Benny Goodman and Chick Corer. The purpose of NJ was * to establish and maintain a museum, archives and concert centre in Charlottesville to sponsor Jazz festivals, workshop and scholarships and * Text Box: Benny Goodman 1 OFF educating the public on the importance of Jazz in American culture and history.

Mr.. Rutland and The board of directors were faced with three difficulties in their fist year’s effort. 1 . Philanthropic organization refused to make grant because none of the directors were experienced in project like NJ. 2. Government agencies such as National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities considered only organization in operation for at least two years. 3. Mid 1983, they discovered that to save paramount at least $600,000 would be needed. Best part of 1st years effort was.