Concert Music Is one of the most Important art expressions, lots of feelings and values can be expressed, and of course lots of stories can be told too. I like many music styles, from classical music to rock and even folk music. One of my favorite musicians is Sting, he is a great singer, bass/doubles player, a great song writer and an actor too. His style is a mixture of many styles, such as pop, Jazz, blues, soul, reggae and much more. One of my favorite songs Is “Shape of my heart”, Sting is a brilliant and clever Caucasian, a great song writer and one hell of a performer.

I love the mood, emotion and passion of Sting’s music. And there are so many songs you can really connect to. With incredible musicianship, Sting combines rock, jazz and blues like nobody else, and his distinctive, powerful voice never disappoints. My favorite album is the Nothing Like the Sun Sting was born on October 2, 1951 in Newcastle-upon-Tine, a large industrial city in Northumberland. His real name is Gordon Mathematics Samara. His mother had a miscalculation. She taught her son to the wonderful world of music by teaching IM to play the pianoforte his childhood.

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An American drummer Stewart Copeland noticed him,and persuaded him to do rock. He got the nickname “Sting” because he loved to wear black sweaters in a gold stripe, which made him look like a bumblebee. In 1981, Sting left the group,and in 1985 he released his first solo album “The Dreamed The Blue Turtles”. The most popular songs 0 Russians 0 Roseanne Englishman In New-York C] All For Love 0 When We Dance 0 Brand New Day 0 I’ll Be Mammals You Shape Of My Heart Favorite My favorite song Is “Englishman In New York”.

Sting wrote this song about himself, about his life In the USA. Some lines from it don’t drink coffee I take tea, my dear,l like my toast done on the sideband you can hear it in my accent when I talk an Englishman in New York Today, I listen to a lot of folk songs with my child who is three years old. My son is very fond of folk songs, especially Coolant Kodiak and Bell Bartok songs and choral works. When I was 7 years old, I went to the Coolant Kodiak elementary school, so I know a lot of folk songs. My son’s favorite Hey Vary;n

If you have time, I often listen to the radio, I like almost all genres. I like any kind of music and I have already been to deferent concerts with my friends The members of hooligans known each other since childhood and had even played together. In 1996, the band was founded Hooligans, The band consists of four members There are plenty of awards and recognition received in recent years. In the future, I will want to go to a concert hooligans. My husband and my child loves this band. We listen this music in the car when we travel somewhere.