Who sang at the Grammas in Spanish in the late sass? What was the reaction? * Risky martin made the audience go crazy with a great performance. 2. When did Latin music burst back on the scene? What song brought It back to the mainstream? What effect did it have? * “Conga” by the Miami Sound Machine was a Cuban American band with an amazing beat. Everyone seemed to love the new sound. 3. How did the sounds of salsa change? * The sounds of salsa changed to grab the Interest of a new generation raised on Jazz, rock ‘n roll, etc. In other words, It was Incorporated with pop. What was the Influence of CBS’ Latin division on the explosion of Latin music In the US? * With Its momentum lost after the 9/1 1 cancellation, the Latin Grammas struggled even more In the ratings. The televised ceremony gave up on the English-speaking audience and moved to Envision in 2005. Latin pop stars Risky Martin and Marc Anthony began issuing albums in Spanish. 5. Who were some of the artists who brought together Latin influenced music with mainstream pop music? * Artists like Risky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Shakier, etc. All influenced Latin music with mainstream pop. 6.

Why did the Latin sic influence decrease? * The Latin music influence trend faded over the years, but that did not stop Latino from producing top hits. 7. What was Regnant? * Regnant has an irrepressible blend of tropical Latin and reggae rhythms. Today many of the most popular regnant artists come from Puerco Rice, but you couldn’t keep this music from sailing out to the rest of the world. 8. What other types of music are being influenced by “Latin” music?

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