Professor Greg Steer Jazz Concert Report February 5, 2012 Pat Cat Swinger Show Report I made a right decision by going to the Pat Cat Swinger show at Hip Kitty Jazz and Fondue In Claremont on Friday, February 3, 2012. The show was more than Just impressively The venue was an upper club and lounge with retro decoration that could bring you back to the jazz era. The stage was neat, simple and organized. There were people of all ages.

Just like me, they came there to enjoy the music and danced the night away. The Pat Cat Swinger has nine members including one vocalist, one baritone saxophonist, one alto saxophonist, one tenor saxophonist, one trombonist, one trumpeter, one guitarist, one drummer and one upright bass-ere. All of them have good musical skills that brought us such an amazing show and a great sense of Jazz. They are totally deserved to be one of the most popular swing band in Los Angels area. Generally, they have all the characteristics of a typical swing band.

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Their music that night was energetic and bright with fast tempo and very full and strong rhythm section with the frontline of saxophones, trumpet and trombone holding the band together. There were lots of swung notes that made the texture more diverse. I did not need to have either a good ear for Jazz or good musical knowledge to enjoy the show since the music was really catchy and easy to listen to. It was the music that you definitely would clap your hands, snap your fingers and tap your foot to. Smell Olio Olio was one of the best songs that night. It got most people singing along.

I believe it is the band’s original song. The rhythm section Joined first and then is allowed by the front line. The crowd started clapping hands as all the three saxophones, trombone and trumpet played together. The song was upbeat and fast- tempo while the melody was very catchy. The rhythm section was really supportive when the vocalist started singing. The audiences were so excited. We could not help but sing along the wordless vocal “SOHO” and “shahs”. As for Anti Got No Home, the song started with the vocalist singing a short wordless vocal. After that, the entire band accompanied him.

They created such an amazing standard 12-bar blue. The bridges between verses were the typical wordless vocal. The tempo was a bit slower that other song. The audiences were so excited to see the trombonist took over the vocal part and reached these high notes. It was one of the best moments In the entire show. Many people stood up, danced, and sang along to the wordless vocal. Their cover of Hey Upchuck blew me away right at the moment they hit those very first notes. The drummer did an awesome Job at the intro, which led to such wonderful consonance of trombone, trumpet and saxophones.

The musician made read Jumps on the stage. There were no rule; everyone Just wanted to have fun. Everyone started shouting “hey! ” as the song went on. The rhythm section did a great opinion, the climax of the song was reached at the swung note when the trombonist was “feeling the music”. Once again, the drummer and the upright bass-ere ended the sons perfectly. The next piece is called Dance, Dance, Dance. Staying true to its name, the song got many people dancing along. After the intro made by both the frontline and rhythm section, the vocalist sang the first verse really well.

There was a great bridge between the first and second verse created by the fantastic rhythm section immersed in the sound of non-stop hands clapping. The three saxophones were outstanding when they ended the song. Last but not least, Hope Cat was an absolute breath-taking. The song had all the typical swing characteristics that helped Pat Cat Swinger showed all their strength. The frontline did a great Job at leading the song to the vocal part. Everyone started dancing at the very first seconds. The guitarist also made a great performance while supporting the vocalist.

The baritone sax’s solo part was even more than outstanding. It seemed to tell the audience a story with different tones and senses. When it reached the climax, the sound even got the ability to take my heartbeat. The rhythm section did not shine at first. However, as the song came to the end, they started showing their amazing skills. The frontline, especially the trombone and trumpet, also made a great sense of music in the last one third of the song. The show was an open door that led me to the world of Jazz.

I loved all the artists, especially the drummer and the upright bass-ere. The two performers, together they created such a strong rhythmic feel. Even the pickiest audience would sway to the music. Overall, The phenomenal Pat Cat Swinger show was well worth it. The place was packed as night fell. Everything from the venue, the artists, the audiences to the music were beyond amazing. The show was a lot better than I ever imagined it would be. I had no idea at first that Jazz could be so fantastic. It was a good experience feeling swing Jams running through your veins.