The two concepts that make up a musical theme are unity and variety. These two concepts although very different function together to make up a piece’s theme. Unity gives that feeling of familiarity while variety gives you exactly that, variety. Different sound sources and different levels of sound. In the analysis of Manna De Carnival by Sigma and Bona only one main idea exist. In the beginning you are able to hear all the members of the ensemble playing and then you begin to hear soloist playing.

At 1. 20 you hear wind instrument Is come in for their solo, sounds like a saxophone. There is a constant steady tempo throughout. The piano solo comes in at appear. 2. 20 and plays an upbeat tune until the main theme again which repeats about 3. 20 and 3. 48. The vivid picture that is created In this piece relies on unity that is created by repetition of the one main idea that is heard at is heard and the variety that is applied to it each time.

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This song is a classic boost nova-which s music for dance or by definition a lively ballroom dance similar to the samba that originated in Brazil in the early sass. This is an ensemble piece with solo instruments featured, this piece could not attain It’s goals if it were being played as a solo. It shares all the main features of Jazz, characteristically your brass pieces, sax and trumpet and it’s use of drums throughout to keep the tempo as well as the use of improvisation as most Jazz pieces have. I believe this piece could serve a specific purpose.