There are many ways a CD player can manipulate, but I have chosen to talk about three specific methods. The first method is the commercial success of the artist. If an artist has found popularity or a lot of recognition a person may think its cool to feel the way the artist does about certain things. A person may change their fashion or anything to show they want to be as cool as the artist is or has as much popularity as the artist is. These are the main ways a person may become manipulated from listening to a certain group or person.

The second way I believe, is how appealing the music is to that particular person. For example, if someone is not a Jazz fan then Jazz music will not have as much of an impact on him or her as Jazz would on a Jazz fan. You will listen to what the person is saying and their beliefs if you like the music in the first place. A person must like the music for it to sink into their mind enough to cause the manipulation to occur. The next manipulation is lyrical content. This lyrical content method is the most influential in my opinion.

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As mentioned before, if you like the music then you will be more likely to listen to it more closely to hear what the artist is trying to portray. You can be manipulated by the lyrics by starting to believe them yourself or feel a certain way about a social Issue. The lyrics can change your moods and your whole outlook on certain parts of life. For example, if your down about something and you listen too blues song, you will probably agree with what the artist is saying because you will believe that the artist feels that way to. These three ways of manipulation can change the listener somehow, so therefore the manipulation Is successful.