We can almost hear music anywhere. Different music serves different functions In our life. Why is music Important to many people? Can you Imagine any type of dance without music? Dance steps are created according to the rhythm and beats of different types of music. Operas, plays and musicals all revolve around music. While watching different dance forms and musicals, you also enjoy the music that is a part of it. Dancing and music cannot be separated. When people dance, they usually need appropriate music to company.

Tchaikovsky Is one of the greatest composers in the world, and his famous work “Swan Lake” Is created for the ballet. We almost can say that the ballet dancing gave Tchaikovsky Inspirations to write the music. Of course, other actively are all important for a culture. My favorite style of music is pop music, because it is breathtaking and full of energy. When I listen to pop music it makes me remember happy times and forget the problems of everyday life. It helps me to relax when I’m tired, and entertains me when I’d like to have fun. It’s a pity that many young people eke to listen only to modern music.

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As for me, I also enjoy listening to classical music. I find It tuneful. Classical music Is always a complex of emotions. It gives me pleasure and a sense of happiness. Some composition of classical music Is really wonderful. Not long ago I listened to the First Piano Concerto, composed by Tchaikovsky. The power of his music captivated me. Everything has become more understandable, accessible and, as a consequence, the favorite. Without a doubt, and there appeared priorities favorite composer, a favorite symphony, opera and inimitable etc.

I have, in mineral, a few favorite composers Ascribing, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brooding, Rachmaninoff Yes, they are all special, but the highlight of this particular Like a Tchaikovsky. First at all, let me Introduce a little bit about Tchaikovsky. He was born In 1840 in the family of an engineer in Bodkins, in the Rural. When he was ten years old, his parents sent him to the Law School, and then their family moved to SST. Petersburg. In this city, Tchaikovsky began to seriously study music. In 1862 he Joined the newly opened SST. Petersburg Conservatory. He wanted to become a composer.

Tchaikovsky collection Is more to symphonies, operas genre, It Is easily to touch and close to my heart, I almost Like all the pieces of Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky composed symphonies, operas (egg, “Undone,” “Eugene Noggin,” “Alienate”), ballet (“Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”, “Sleeping Beauty’). All this is so close, familiar and dear to every Russian man, that here, analyzing that this man does not play an instrument, and the strings of the soul! Piano Concerto is less play by Tchaikovsky if compare with other pieces . But the most pieces I like and prefer to listen is Piano Concerto .

Actually this ices Is listen It from drama “Eugene Nonage ” . TLS pieces Is called ” portrait of love ” , Is the emotion expression to his lover of the charm and grace . This piece Is more romantic and fantasy. Songs from the beginning to the climax still remains to express the feelings of a gentle and graceful. I become a kind of comfortable feeling especially at night time. Notes are telling one, like a man in a romantic language. To the latter part of the song, repeated melodic piano like two people in a relatively the same descending slightly romantic tone in the end.

That dedication and love for him reanimated to people, listening to his concerts, the symphony. Melodies from “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker” is widely known. When we begin to consciously look at the world, the first composer that we know – it’s Tchaikovsky, Gillian, and then, Beethoven, Bach, Ascribing. Tchaikovsky worked in almost all genres and everywhere brought something new and unique. But for him the favorite genre of opera was “Only the operator brings you to the people unites your music with this audience. ” Tchaikovsky – the embodiment of strong human emotions and experiences. Tchaikovsky music is deeply concerned and touched by any man.

Genuine sincerity is heard in every sound, every line, which appeared from his brilliant pen. Tchaikovsky loved not only in Russia but also abroad, as sense of truth is the same for all people around the world. And this composer – our countryman! The music I hate is heavy metal. I find it noisy and dreadful. When I listen to this style of music it presents to my mind pictures of dark days. Though some young people are fond of this style of music, it is not to everyone’s taste. To my mind, music too loud can destroy our ears. I am indifferent to other styles of music. For example, I don’t mind listening to Jazz.

Improvisation is an important part of this style, that’s why a Jazz song may sound a little different each time it is played. I think that Jazz is a mixture of many different kinds of music, but I consider it a bit complicated. My mother and father approve of my tastes in music. Though they prefer to listen to classical and “bard music”, they think that, on the whole, modern music is not too bad. My parents agree that each generation has its own tastes. It goes without saying that music plays a very important role in people’s lives. It reflects our moods and emotions. Music appeals to our hearts and transforms our feelings.

It conquers our souls and enriches our minds. Besides, listening to music is the perfect way to spend free time and not to feel bored. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t like or need music and who never sings or dances. Music is beauty in sounds; it is our magic source of inspiration. Even nature has its own music. Bird’s chirping in the morning, water gushing down rivers, and breeze blowing through trees are all a part of nature’s own music. Life without music would be still and meaningless. That is the reason people listen to music for different reasons and at different times.