They didn’t have any electric Instruments In those times. That means that the most common kind of Instruments were copper instruments, flutes, violins drums etc. Most of the times they were all used together to form an orchestra. A composer, the person who invents the pieces of music, which you call a composition, had to use all those instruments to create a harmony between them. Classical music is really elegant. One of the things that you could say is that the rhythm Is less clear.

You wont hear big drums all the time. Different subjects: when you hear a couple of songs on the radio, they will be singing about romance or other dally life Issues. Well you could guess what the music In the French revolution was mostly about, about the revolution of course. The mostly tried to convert the war into the music, if there weren’t voices in the composition. But if there were, they would be signing about freedom, and about that you should protest and go to war. Uses of music: There were of course normal artists and composers during the French evolution.

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But what really Impressed the pheasants were the compositions who were made by famous composers, not just for fun. But because the revolutionaries like the Jacobin friendly forced them to compose them. Most music was used as a weapon, as a pivot for a cantilever to win the revolution. Did it work as well as I mentioned a moment ago? Maria will continue the story for us. Did It change modern Music? As you may know almost everything leaves its traces behind, its markings. Classical music in general is still a well known and worldwide heard genre.

Parts of This genre is still used by a lot of rock bands. With that I mean some lyrics, melodies and overall themes. As a example, here on the left side I have a famous from the French revolution, and notice how the album cover Is almost identical. There are a lot of melodies that still exist In our Lifeless, like fur else, It Is still worldwide known and many was originally the song of Marseille’. It depends who you are, but classical music, in general. Left its influences on people and their music. CONCLUSION:

There were no electric instruments, they most of the time performed in a Orchestra, that they didn’t sing about love too much. The most common subject was the revolution of course. And also that music was used to convince people, to protest, to keep protesting, so it did play an important role in the revolution. Modern music is different than classical, but is still influenced by it, Just if you listen to some songs. You might find a violin, or a trumpet. Some rock bands even use a orchestra in their songs. And some melodies are still known world wide.