With the feeling of excited and Curious, I decided to enjoy the perfect play performed by The New York Youth Symphony. And the music director In this concert is Joshua Germen. This is my first life experience to attend to a music hall and listen to the classical music concert. The Carnegie Hall located at west 40th street, New York. It Is a 5-floor high building which can fill at least 400 people. The 2nd to 4th floor is some small rooms and looks classical.

I was so lucky that got almost the last ticket and I sit at the 5th floor on the left side of the concert. I went to my sit In a hurry because I didn’t want to make any noisy when the play started. I learned that from my Music 110 Class, every time when professor start to play the music, we need to play attention and keep quiet to respect for the musician, so that everyone can enjoy the melody truly. The hall was noisy before the concert start. I could hear that everyone was so excited to talk about how the play will be.

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Soon, the play started. Suddenly the concert was so quiet because everyone stops talking almost at the same time as soon as the music rings. It’s the practices before the real show start. After a few minutes of prelude, the conductor came out in warm applause. He introduced himself and started the first songs. All musicians in the team, The New York Youth Symphony, dressed in official dresses. It felt like we are the king and queen in an old auditorium to enjoy the show.

The strings class musicians are in the first few front rows In turns of violin, cello and he percussion instrument are at the back. They made a half circle to surround the conductor. They follow the beat and look for the sign which the conductor gave to play their musical Instruments In a smooth and one way. According to the knowledge learned from the course and the introduction, the songs are from different music history period of styles. The first song is Festive Overture, Pop. 96, written by Dimmit Catastrophic in 1954, the after period: The second song Confusion Concentrate A major, Pop. 5 written by Ludwig Manure in romantic erred; The third song is Universal, written by Gabriel Sucker in 1990 at Midnight and the fourth song is Symphony No. 9 In E minor. Pop. 95, B. 178 “From the New World” written by Antonio Dobra in Romantic Period. The first three songs were average twenty minutes and the last song last for forty minutes. As a music beginner, I have limited knowledge to think about what Is good or bad In the song. But I just try my best to put my feeling into the song to enjoy it. I closed my eye and sit relaxed on the chair, let the sound surrounded me.

It’s wonderful to listen to music when your eyes are keeping closing. I used to listen to pop music for more than two hours without getting bored and this is my first time to enjoy the classical music for more than two hours. The pop music, it’s diversified and unlimited. For where there are life, that means where the music are. My parents are planning a trip to visit and feel the culture of New York City. The Carnegie Hall is one of the famous places in New York; I am planning to lead them to the music show as one of their stops in the trip.