According to Merriam Webster dictionary online the definition of listening Is to pay attention to someone or something In order to hear what Is being said, sung, or played. The definition of hearing is very different from listening it is the process, function, or power of perceiving sound. Many times people believe these two words mean the same thing; however looking at their definitions there is a clear difference. If your teacher is speaking to you can hear the sound her voice is making, however you would need to listen to her to understand what she is saying. ) Music has a huge role In society, which Is why It will always be around. It Is Important to study music because there Is so much history behind It. Listening to different genres of music that come from different parts of the world; we can learn something about that time period and place based on the artists expression through their music. Besides history it also teaches us much more. Music builds coordination, rhythm, helps with peoples math skills social skills, and is an outlet for people to express themselves. 3. ) Music Is a crucial part of society and it has many functions.

One function would be unity. Each country has Its own distinct national anthem. A national anthem is made to create unity among the people and create a strong sense of nationalism. A second function would be entertainment. Music helps entertain and amuse society. We hear it in the background while shopping and even in movies to intensify a scene. A third function would be for expression. Music has been around for a long time and looking back on different eras of music it is a window looking into what is going on during that time. A fourth function would be music serves as a religious purpose.

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The followers of different groups of religion sing different hymns and songs that they feel connect them to their lord. 4. ) Classical and pop music differ In many ways especially when it comes to listening to them. When listening to classical music you hear a vast majority of instruments that are played with such precision. There is also a grand scale of emotion that can be played in classical music. When listening to pop music no days it is much more controlled by the computer and you can hear how tweaked he music has been to make the sound better.

The voice is also used much more than It Is In classical music. 5. ) Concert halls filled with numerous different Instruments, as well as, the amount of each opposed to stages with a few key instruments hooked up to speakers or amplifiers are very different experiences. The small stage and lesser instruments lead to the unnecessary conductor. Also, the sound quality or tone color is not as rich on a stage as opposed to concert halls and orchestras, the wide array of instruments are exterminated in a band on a stage.

For personal listening, a record player or speakers are completely different listening styles. One you get direct more, personal transmittance of sound with headphones and buds, with the lack of bass tones, but on speakers you lose some sounds as they escape through the distance of the speaker and the ear of the listener, but bass sound waves do travel more efficiently. I believe that they are two completely different planes of music listening but I do enjoy all styles of music listening on their own plane.