Radio Report Instead of attending a concert and writing a concert report, I decided to do the radio report. On April 24, 2007, I listened to the station WOOZY 90. 7 FM from seven to eight p. M. It was hosted by Jiving Jean and Neal. The theme of that session was the ass’s Rhythm and Blues. Because the Jazz Fest Is approaching, they decided to feature some of the artists that would be performing. In which they varied from Percy Sledge to the Fester Sisters. The first song that they played was no other than, Jazz Fest in New Orleans by the aster Sisters.

The lead vocalist of the group was basically singing about the Jazz Fest The lyrics of the song featured a lot of history about New Orleans’ night life, food, and other interests that draw a lot of tourist. The music to the song had an up-tempo beat to it. The second song of the night was I Did My Part by Irma Thomas. This song had a more old time blues feeling to It than the previous song. Irma sung about doing her part in the relationship when her mate was there. The instruments that made up the sound consisted of a piano and a saxophone. The song was medium in tempo ND I really liked its melody and lyrics.

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The next song played was Jean Knight’s Tutu. The lyrics to this song caught my attention; it was very comical to me. She was basically telling a man that he can’t mess with her tutu because he has another woman already. The music to the song had a nice beat that you could groove to. Jerry Lee Lewis’ Whole Lot of Shall’ Golf’ On had a very lively beat Just as Tutu. The hook to the song was shake baby shake. The Instruments being played Included a piano and a guitar. It really reminded me of Elvis a lot because it was something you could dance to. The next song had a very soft rock feeling when it began.

It was Golf’ Back Home to New Orleans by Addable Crawford. Just as the Fester Sisters, he sung about the times he had in New Orleans and also about how he’s going back home, because there’s no place like the N. O. The beat to the song had a very fast tempo; it was also a dance song. Reggae Hall’s Work was also a high tempo song. He was pleading about how he did his share and worked all day and his lady wouldn’t even fix him something to eat. The lyrics were comical to me. Though it was short in length, I enjoyed it. Bobby Charles’ See You Later Alligator is very well known.

The man was singing about how he caught his girl walking with someone else and she told him “see you later alligator get out her way because he’s cramping her style. ” The next time they saw each other he reminded her of that and told her he didn’t want her back. I kind of liked it because I know the hook to the song. The next song was CO Sander’s Got My Eyes on You. A man was telling a lady that he had his eyes on her that night. I liked the harmonica solo that was played after the chorus. The beat had a very Cajun style feeling to it. 1 OFF inning about all the lies he was told and how only time would tell what happened.

Between each verse, the saxophone had a mini solo. It had sort off laid back beat. I wasn’t too fond of it overall. It Tears Me Up by Percy Sledge was a lot slower than the other songs and had a nice mellow feel to it. Percy was singing about how he caught his girl with his best friend and how he’s dying inside. James Rivers’ rendition of Second Line was nice. It was something a lot of folks would get up and dance to. The whole song was instrumental. It was something you would hear at Marci Grass, the Jazz Fest, or while attending a Second Line. The next song was Golden Eagles’ Indian Red.

It began with an Indian chant with other Indians pledging in the background. They were saying how they were the Indians of the Nation. It had a live feeling to it because you could hear the tambourines, Indian drums, and the Indians yelling in the background. Charlie Miller’s Piano Night 2003 featured only a piano and a saxophone. It was very boring and off tempo to me. It didn’t have a melody or much off beat that you could follow. It was Just thrown together. Check Mr.. Popeye by Eddie Bob was very outdoorsy to me. It had a live music fest yep mood to me.