Music is an important part of the lives of many around the universe. Music is used throughout the day, every day. Whether performing it, teaching it, or simply enjoying it, music evokes attitudes in people. It transcends expectations and leaps over culture values. It makes you think, feel, and allows you to understand universal Ideas. Music speaks for you when you have no words to say. Although there are lots of different types of my music my favorite Is Rhythm and Blues. Rhythm and Blues (also known as

R&B) made a splash on the scene and change the world as we know it. Let’s take a blast from the past by introducing one of the most popular genres of music around, telling the meaning behind R, and giving facts about why it’s just that good. II. Rhythm and Blues originated in the late sass and early sass. R&B got its name from record companies when it initially came out because it was predominantly to urban African Americans. During this time rocking Jazz beats were becoming more popular. During the deferent decades R&B meanings have made a huge shift.

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The iris name change occurred in the sass. During the sass R&B made contributes to rock and roll. Caucasian Americans then used the term for gospel, soul, and electric blues. When the sass appeared the term R&B described a new form of music called funk. After the ass music evolved and R&B Is referred to pop, soul, funk- influenced music. R&B Is so popular that It changes names but still maintains Its style. Ill. R&B is the best genre to listen to because it contains submerges. For example, contemporary R&B, smooth R&B, slow jam , neo soul, and hip hop soul are a art of R&B.

R&B also have fusion genres of Juke Joint blues, R&B punk , and rockabilly. Another reason why R&B is the best genes of music to listen to is because it has a wide variety of instruments such as: the drum kit, double bass, horns, piano, organ , and electric guitar. R&B also have a variety of artist with a variety of vocals and background vocalists. In my opinion R&B artists are the best artists in the world. They sing with passion and love. Melodies flow through your body when listening to women Like Whitney Houston, Maria Carrey, and Lauren Hill.

R&B singer’s words touch you and Inspire you. IV. R Introduced records labels like Mouton which become home to artist such as: Sam Cooke, The Jackson 5, Mary Wells, Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Four Tops, Boozy II Men, The Commodores, and Eureka Baud. All of these artists had an outstanding career winning numerous awards and having chart topping songs. I enjoy listening to all of these artists but my favorite of all time is the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 lived the American Dream. From Gary, Indiana, founding roof members include Jackie, Toto, Carmine, Maroon and Michael.

The Jackson 5 spent six and a half years on Mouton and became the biggest phenomena of the sass. The Jackson 5 were the first act in recording history to have their first four major label singles (“l Want You Back”, “BBC”, “The Love You Save”, and “I’ll Be There”) reach the top of the American charts. [2] Several later singles, among them “Mama’s Pearl”, “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Dancing Machine”, were Top 5 pop hits and number-one hits on the R singles chart (http://en. Whelped. Rag/walk/ Toothaches_5).