Music is proven to alter our moods and outlook in life. Different genres of music have different effects on us. Let’s say for example rock music, it tends to waken us from our sleeping senses and may create a lively outlook or mood for a period of time, but let us still remember that effects of music vary from people to people. Taking rock music Into consideration again, while some people get their positive mood and high energy from listening to rock music, there people tend to be Irritated by It and consider It as a noise.

Some people prefer pop music or Jazz music because for them It Is pleasing and that’s the reason why their mood becomes positive. If It can affect people positively, of course It can also affect people negatively. Like sad love songs, for people who are broken-hearted or have a tragic love story of their own they would find this type of song as a depressing one. It may cause more sadness to them and therefore changes their mood negatively. Past experiences of people is an important factor on how music can affect

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A case study was conducted in the US and it aimed to show the positive effects of music particularly in studying or improving one’s performance of a student in school. The case study involved the use of Mozart music, which as we all know as a famous classical musician of all time. It used two control groups, two groups of students, in which one group listened to any music they want and the other listened to Mozart music before an examination. After the result of the examination were given, it showed that those students who listened to Mozart music got higher scores than hose who do not.

The researchers who did the experiment then explained that it became possible because Mozart classical music tends to relax the mind and create a positive mood that’s why it enhances the brain’s performance. Music is a really helpful tool in easing our tension, pressure, and anxiety in order for us to think well and have a positive outlook in our lives. It can be of great help especially when we find the music that really suits us, the music that can help us positively. That’s how powerful music is. It can change a person totally either positively or negatively.