I had never listened a outside life concert before, so it was the first time I went to outside to enjoy a life concert last Friday. I was very exalted because I never have opportunity to enjoy a outside life concert before and I have no idea about how It works, so I think It Is very mystification. The style of this concert is Jazz, and there are six mall Instruments of this concert, Including, drum, saxophone, trumpet, Plano, trombone and violoncello. These six Instruments combine together and had played many beautify songs.

There are no singer in during the concert, this performance gust depend on these six instruments, so the instruments is the main part and take a absolute important position in this outside life Jazz concert. There are some background about Jazz music. Jazz originated at the beginning of 20th century, and New Orleans was the birth place of Jazz. Jazz based on the style of Blues and Ragtime. In 19th century, South of American use music to show their emotion, at the end of the 19th century, Jazz as a mixture music with Blues and Ragtime and based on traditional American music.

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African music had a deep influence on Jazz music from the call war, so Jazz music have many characteristics of African music. And It Is the umlauts of model of Black music, the tempo Is very clear. For Instance, Jazz musical has very strong shuffle tempo. There are various typical style of Jazz music, including, New Orleans Jazz, Ragtime Jazz and the Rhythm. When it comes to Ragtime Jazz, people always play it by using piano. The most famous Ragtime player in the world is Scott Joplin. And there are many instruments in Jazz music, including, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and banjo etcetera.

Jazz music is very different between Rock and Roll music. Rock and Roll music is a mixture music, including, blues, country music and Jazz music. But the main elements are taken from the blues, even some people think rock and roll Just aggravated the blues music, but in my opinion, I do not think so. From my point of view, rock and roll music does not show many singing skill. For example, many rock and roll singer Just use shouting method to show their emotion. Hence, the audience of the rock and roll music always show their enthusiastic during the singer performance and shouting with the singer.

Very differently, most of jazz music just use instrument to show their emotion. So, in my opinion, jazz music is more suitable or people to listen in a silent way, like people Just sit here and listen, the dialogue should be ignored during the Jazz music concert. Hence, the audience of this concert is very quiet, they Just sit on chair or on the floor, it is very relax. Also, this concert was played at the lunch time, so most people eat their lunch and listen the jazz music at the same time. Even they are having their lunch, but they also show their respect to these artist.

The response of other audience Is very good. For example, when they finished one part of performance, audience will applaud for few seconds. Even I have no Idea what they are trying to ay, but I still applauded for them. Used to preference. Its range is very high. People regard trumpet as a necessary instrument to play Jazz music. It always play a important role in Jazz music which can lead the music approached a climax. The performance of the melody is very grand, so trumpet always have opportunity to solo during the band performance.

Also, trumpet as a high musical instrument in the bass instruments, so it is very popular in Jazz music. For instance, at the beginning of the concert, there was a trumpet solo with piano. After few seconds, the voice of other instruments be lower and the trumpet re aggravated and it had become the main instrument during the first part of concert. During the concert, I have some question about these artist. So I went to asked some question about two people when the concert is over, they said feel free to ask them question. I talked with a South Korean who played the saxophone in these band.

At the first, I asked him why he study the Jazz music. He said his was born in a Jazz family, so he likes to play Jazz music when he was young. Second, I asked him how many years he played the saxophone, the answer is seven years. I was shocked by this answer, because I think he really did a good Job in play saxophone and seven years is not enough to get this level. So, there is a strange idea in my mind, maybe gene is ‘ere important for a person. Because his parents play Jazz music too, so maybe he has some advantage than others.

After I talked with him, I hold a dialogue with the a African American who played the violoncello in the band. To be honest, I Just have interest about violoncello in this concert. Because I had learned violin when I was extremely young, eventually, I stopped learning violin for some reasons, but I still love the sounds of violin and violoncello. And it is very interest that the way of this people Choice to play. Most of time, the violoncello is played with a bow. Very differently, this time I saw he played violoncello by using his finger to pizzicato.

I never see this method before, so it is very fresh for me. I asked him a same question why he learned to play the Jazz music. The answer is exactly same with the first person, he Nas born in a Jazz music family too. And also, he played the violoncello for seven {ears. But when I asked him why he choice to play violoncello not other instruments. I Nas moved by his emotion. He said not he choice the violoncello, is violoncello hocked him. I Just heard this kind of newer from the movie before. I never thought he will give me this answer.

He said, he is very happiness to play violoncello. He said jazz music had became his part of life. And he asked me from which part of China, he said his girlfriend come from Shanghai and he is study Chinese. I think I have a good conversation with him. And when I finished these two conversation, I think family is important for a people choose to play music or not when a person was very young. Nile, this life concert is very good, even I do not know what they are trying to say. I o not know how to listen it but I Just try my best to enjoy it.

As for me, music is very difficult, due to I always get a lower score in my music exam when I was young. So after that I have no interest about music, I even hate to study music but not listen the pop music. But there is no doubt that this concert is very successful, owing to music for us and try to play the real music in their mind. Sometimes, music does not need many skills to performance, Just need your heart to play it. I think if people want to play some excellent music must use their heart to performance not singing skill.

I am not a professional musical and I do not have a deep understanding about music, but I know what is good voice for me. Player pay their attention to their performance, so audience pay our attention to listen they play. The relationship between player and audience is equal and respect. Jazz music has became more and more popular ardor the world and music trend to have a significant position in people’s life. The chief value of music is try to take some positive emotion to people, so people should spend more time to enjoy the music and Just uses ear to sense the essence of music.