Each one of us belongs to many cultural groups that distinguish us as people. These groups influence our likes, dislikes, tastes, values, morals, and help to shape who we are as people. Cultural groups are not defined by geographical boundaries, we carry our culture with us where we go and can meet others in the same cultural groups as us a thousand miles away from home. Culture is all around us, it is not just in places that are “exotic”. When observing Rachel Wilkinson, It became evident that the cultural groups she Is a part of make her who she Is as a person.

Being American, a Marylanders. And a college student are Just a few of the cultural groups Rachel belongs to. One way in which her cultural groups affect her tastes is through music. Earache’s age group, religious affiliation, family, school, and hobbies are all cultural groups that have influenced her taste in musical styles. Earache’s family is a very important aspect of her life that she cherishes deeply. She grew up in a family of six and has tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins. All throughout her childhood, she went to a daycare that my grandmother owned.

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The daycare was located In the basement of ere grandparent’s house and her mother and three aunts worked at the daycare. Rachel was with her family every single day. Country artists are constantly singing about their own family and how much their family means to them. Whether they are talking about how successful their grandparent’s marriage is or making jokes about their siblings, somehow the songs always seem to relate almost perfectly with Earache’s own experiences and memories.

The close familial bond country artists are constantly singing about never falls to bring her own personal memories to mind and make her realize Just how special my family Is to me. Earache’s mother tends to Like to listen to funk as her main genre of music. This music grew on Rachel because it reminds her of times with her mother when they have bonded while listening to the music, such as on a long car ride. Because the individual songs Earache’s mother listen to in this genre rarely vary, Rachel has memorized the lyrics and the songs have become an Identifying marker of her family’s cultural group.

Rachel believes her mother listens to this music because It reminds her of her younger years and the songs are fun to sing and listen to. When Rachel and her mother are listening to funk USIA, they are not just sitting together and listening; they are talking, laughing, cooking, eating, or Just hanging out together. Therefore this musical genre is important to Rachel and makes her feel close to her mother’s cultural group. Rachel belongs to the cultural group of soccer players. She has played soccer her entire life and her Interest and love for soccer has helped shape the person she Is today and how she sees the world.

Rachel and her teammates had a warm up plastic that they would listen to before every game in high school. The plastic was a bunch of rock songs that pumped the players up for the game. Before high school, Rachel never listened to rock music. However, being a part of this particular cultural group influenced Earache’s music taste and made her more open-minded to rock music. Rachel now enjoys listening to rock because It brings back memories from playing the University of Maryland thus making her part of its cultural group.

She absolutely loves going to parties and socializing with friends. When she goes out, dancing is her favorite activity. Loud, upbeat music is perfect when it comes to dancing. Pop music is loud with a lot of bass, melodic sounds, and catchy phrases. At many of the social events Rachel attends, pop music is played thus exposing her to this genre of music. Rachel loves pop music because it gives her a sense of excitement for the night ahead and it is very easy to dance along to.

Everything the artist sings about in their songs relate entirely to the activities Rachel will be engaging in that night which is also why it is so appealing. Although pop is a big part of Earache’s life, after Rachel graduates she most likely won’t listen to this type of music as often. From Kindergarten through High School, Rachel has gone to a private school. She was born and raised a Catholic which caused religion to be essential in her life. Whenever times get tough, Rachel prays to God and seeks for His help and advice. Growing up, Rachel went to church every Sunday with her family.

Because of this, she has a particular liking for Christmas music, especially songs that she knows and has been listening to for years. Christmas music reminds her of family traditions, good food, and a cheerful time of year. Rachel enjoys listening to the music all year round, but she especially likes listening to it after Thanksgiving when it first comes on the radio. While Christmas music reminds her of all the material things about the season, it also helps her remember the real meaning of Christmas to those in her cultural group, the sacrifice of Jesus.

Christmas music helps Rachel remember the meaning of the season in a way that is fun and entertaining, but also exemplifies the values of her Catholic cultural group. As a 20 year old, it is obvious that Rachel grew up in the sass’s. She enjoys listening to ass’s music because it brings back memories of when she was very young and carefree. She belongs to the cultural group of kids who grew p in the ass’s, and therefore is influenced by her music experiences as a young child today. She can interact with other people in this cultural group who often like music from the ass’s as well.

Listening to this music with other people from the same cultural group is often during social interactions, like parties, because it is nostalgic and everybody knows the words to these songs, which makes them bond as a group. Rachel comes from an Italian family that has a great appreciation for Italian food, music, and culture. Although Rachel is not fully Italian and has never visited Italy, her ornamented who is fully Italian has given Rachel a lot of knowledge and insight about the Italian culture.

Family dinners of pasta, spaghetti, tortellini, and other various Italian dishes occur quite often, especially over the holidays. At these family dinners, Italian music is played because of Earache’s grandmother’s love for this type of music. Earache’s grandmother has a beautiful voice and always sings along to every song. Because of this, Rachel has developed a love for Italian music over the years. Although Rachel cannot understand the lyrics, she still likes to listen to the songs. Listening to Italian music brings to mind all the wonderful memories she has had with her family over the years.

Also, it reminds Rachel of her Italian heritage and brings great pride to Rachel knowing this type of music is the music her ancestors listened to. This past winter, Rachel Joined Alpha Phi, which is a sorority at the University of her time in this sorority has caused Rachel to develop some new values and interests. Each girl in Alpha Phi is so different and unique and has much to offer. When Rachel goes to her weekly meetings at the sorority house, the girls always play chon music. They do this as a way to get rid all the school stress each girl has and have a fun dance party.

When the techno music comes on, all the girls get up and dance and laugh with each other. Although Rachel does not listen to techno music when she is alone or in any setting other than her sorority house, since Joining Alpha Phi Rachel has been exposed to this type of music and it is now a part of her life. The town Rachel is originally from is a small community in Maryland in which many people live on farms or out in the country. Because of growing up in this community, Rachel likes country music. She identifies with the lyrics, as they are relevant and meaningful to her life in a rural town.

She likes that country music tells a story about topics that she can identify with, rather than a genre like rap music whose lyrics she does not identify with as much. In this community cultural group, country music is played at town events and parades, and it is common to hear the music in stores or homes around town. Country music identifies with the values of a small town; there is emphasis on family values, social issues, and various other aspects of country life. Being that Earache’s town is made up of very conservative minded people, country music appeals to her cultural values.

She enjoys listening to country music as a result of being a part of this cultural group and being influenced by the culture around her. When Rachel was younger, she used to take dance classes and was in a ballet and tap dancing group. She had classes a couple times a week and had dance recitals at the end of the year. When Rachel first Joined, she loved it. She made a lot of great friends and it was really fun for her to learn how to tap dance and do ballet. Getting on stage at the end of the year was Earache’s favorite because all eyes were on her and she was doing what she loved.

However, one year Rachel was stuck with a really mean dance teacher. The teacher was nasty towards her students, including Rachel. Because of this teacher, Rachel began hating going to dance class. This teacher ruined her dance experiences and also her taste in classical music. This teacher scarred her memories and Rachel has developed a distaste for classical music because it reminds her of her bad experiences as a ballet dancer. Although Earache’s isle for classical music has diminished over the years, it is definitely not her favorite genre today.

The classical music played in ballet exemplifies the cultural group’s desire for order, grace, and precision. These values are not pertinent to Rachel, and therefore classical music does not appeal to her. The cultural groups we belong to influence our tastes in many ways. For Rachel, the cultural groups she belongs to have made a considerable impact on the types of music she likes to listen to, who she likes to listen to music with, and the context in which she likes to listen to particular genres of music.