Though I am not particularly fond of Jazz (especially of the ‘elevator music’ type), it is obvious that there was thought, time and talent put in every moment of what Vive heard of Davis. There seems to be plenty of melody and Just enough improvisation to keep things interesting, but not get dry or tiresome. Steve Reich was a composer of the minimalist style of music. He used many types of media to create his music. The class textbook describes Reich as the acknowledged old master of the minimalist style and having little experience with this type of music cannot agree or disagree with this statement- however, I can offer my opinion.

I read through the text and Steve Reich website, listened to the “Music for 18 Musicians” and found that I disliked the sounds that I heard. So I watched all of the videos and listened to the required MPH four more times. While I find the sound In most of his compositions as what I would gladly use as an alarm ring tone on my cell phone, I appreciate what he is trying to accomplish by audibly breaking down what could be melodies or patterns.

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If I approach each composer with the qualifications I need met to be an incredible piece of music, I do not think that Steve Reich would be qualified as a “Classical composer” Insofar as I am not transported to a place of contentment. Or emotionally moved by his works. I am mostly irritated, though (and this in itself is a event of emotion), so if I am playing devil’s advocate-Just because I don’t like the way it sounds, does not mean that Reich is not an actual Classical composer.

The manipulation of sound, the digression of a simple melody Is kind of what made Gregorian chanting into “Western” music, after all, and Classic Rock became the product of all the music before it. (Maybe I really owe Steve Reich a very large thank you. ) One of Steve Reece’s pieces, “Music for 18 Musicians”, was an early classic for the minimalist style. Reich was heavily Influenced by the gametal orchestras and was hinging of orchestration and harmony when he wrote this piece. He was vehement 1 OFF middle register by starting with a series of chords.

I believe that there are a few (very few) number of similarities between Steve Reich and Miles Davis. Artistically, there are similarities in the structure of the music and the way simple harmonies or chords are broken down and expounded upon. Apart from this, I cannot hear many similarities. While Miles Davis makes me feel comforted and relaxed with his melodies and wondering music, Steve Reich makes me wonder what exactly is going on in this bad science fiction movie I’m watching.