To further explore the development and maturity of Young style I will be analyzing his technique. Section – Research and Analysis Lester Young is one of the most famous and influential saxophonist and his music play a very important role in the field of Jazz music. He has brought a strong personal solo, a cool modernism and a new rhythmic flexibility to traditional jazz. Young was born in Woodpile Mississippi on August 27, 1909, and grew up in a musical family. He learned to play the violin, trumpet, drums as well as the saxophone from his father. Wailed, 2012) Young has been a pessimistic lonely. He left his hometown and went to a band, because he wanted to get more knowledge of Jazz music in the north. Nobody wanted to be with him, because his music style was apart from the group. What’s more, he got a extraordinary sense of style. Young unique style affected hundreds of saxophone players. I believe that his personality and style of dress was also part of his legend life. After that, he looks for comfort from drugs and drinks. Due to the bitter experience of military service life, his Inside, parietal had been badly Influenced.

Hence, he has got a serious disease and died on March 15, 1959. Section – Influence and his legacy On Lester Young instrument he was one of the most influential players at that time, his style had much difference from other musicians. When he plays saxophone, he was always concentrate on his music world, because his plays were self-collected. As above, his style was called “the Cool Jazz”. Though his music style did not be appreciated, he never gives up and still insists upon his music style. I think behind many successful men, there are a lot of unsuccessful years.

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I was attracted by his music when I listen to his song. His “l Want to Happy” and “Peg O’ My Heart” leads me into a feast of music and also makes me recall some unhappiness and happiness things. We cannot ignore Is that he popularized a kind of saxophone style; it was called “Swing”. We can know more about his personal style from his solo-young overstepping his performance. All in all, Young solo style has influenced many tenor saxophonists. Such as, Stan Get and Dexter Gordon; they are the most famous and successful musicians around the world.

However, he also influenced many people in LOL Jazz styles, like Coot Sims, AY Cohn and Gerry Mulligan. At that time, all eyes were on Lester Young as he played saxophone. He had a smooth tone and subdued solos; he employed a syncopated rhythm with a strong driving force. He played delay an expected note by a fraction. However, some people thought he was not confident and they wished that more fireworks. (Vocation 5118,1939) Lester Young is the giant of Jazz. I think Young music is very gentle and bold, I never listen to Jazz music like that, his solo always gave me a big surprise because his sic style was never out-fashion.

Many people considered that Lester Young was the greatest tenor sax player from former till now. Actually,Len the mid sass’s to mid sass’s, he changed the way to play tenor saxophone and the art of Jazz itself. Lester Young based on George and Aria Gershwin’s “l Got Rhythm” written “Lester Leaps In”. Like the band’s other head arrangements, it features improvised solos built around a central riff, but where we might expect more of the band’s usual free-for-all virtuosity, this record is a study in minimalism. (Vocation 5118, 1939) His tone is fine ND sounds quite sweet, at the end of his songs are always slow and full of perceptual statement, though in his early music career, his tenor saxophone was criticized for being too weak, but time proves that he can occupy an important position in music. Lester Young, who influenced cool Jazz more than other musician, His saxophone playing used gentle and light sound, in contrast to the clangorous detonation approach of players like Coleman Hawkins. Young was clever in it’s used of rhythm, instead of driving it.

When he started his solos, he wanted to underscore hat melodic development, rather than hot phrases or rhythm change. (http:// en. Wisped. Org/wick/Cool_Jazz). Young music is the mixture of powerful, angry, brave, and beautiful and some free-thinking tradition of Jazz, which demonstrates a feast of music and shows the truly human feeling. He was certainly a spiritual guide. He was the one and only Lester Young-?indisputably one of the most influential figures in post-swing Jazz and the effective creator of the “Chicago” tenor sound.

Telling the truth, he expanded the language of music and leaves an indelible personal legacy for traditional Jazz. Young even influenced the way Jazz artists talk. In addition to his wonderful music, young most enduring the legacy has been his memorable persona. Although it was not his intention, Young became an early model for the modern-day (2003 30th studios, Chicago) In his short music life, Young has left a rich musical heritage. Section – His solo Young had matured and his music style changed when he left the military.

Some people thought that military changed his life and lose his craft. However, he was once again played with the style, and everyone changed their opinion. The theme of” Lester Leaps In” is based on Rhythm-change, vamps in the A-sections and have an improvised bridge over a circle of fifths. Young more or less disregards the chord changes in the A-sections and plays around the Bob-chord. This transcription contains Young first two solo choruses, omitting his later chase with Basis. All best. When I listened to his song “sad eyes”, I started to wonder what the story was behind it.

Melody sounded in that moment, around the time and the air seems solidified general. Maybe young want to get a wonderful life, the expression of unman civilization and seek peace and happiness. In fact, he had also some happy memories of his childhood. When he played “The man I love” . The man was his father on his mind, and it always brought back his happy memories. However, as the music goes on, his solo can makes complicated changes in low tone with large extent, it was different from the melody . With the fast paced rule changed, his emotional changed as well.

He wanted to tell listeners his painful life, Like the war, poverty and racial injustice. In later works, Young solos sadder and wiser than before. After that, Young solos sadder and wiser than before. After that, he was both an alcoholic and addicted to cocaine.. During that time, he totally forgot himself and lost self-esteem. The reason why he wasted time and abused drugs, because of his military career. I believe that life is not fair, get on it. That contradictory thought was hard to express his emotion, he always held high his saxophone when he played solos. These way make the difference from others.

Section – Comparison I would draw some comparisons between Lester Young and other musicians. Comparisons with some musicians like Hawkins and Ben Webster. Young music can directly move our inner world. Instead Hawkins’ style that was very sharp and full of ambition and he was the most strongly associated with the swing music g band era, he had played important role in the development of bebop in the sass. Hawkins always had a keen ear for new talent and styles (Wakefield Foundation, 28 September 2012). He also had a great contribution on the period from the tradition Jazz to the Swing Era.

And the three great musicians are considered the “big three” of swing tenors. Hawkins was a talking, walking Jazz composition-?a living exercise in artistic improvisation. Lester Young thought Coleman Hawkins was the President first, he was the second one. Miles Davis once also said: “When I heard Hawk, I learned to play ballads. ” To that extent, Hawkins is also a powerful person at music. But there is some different style between Hawkins and Young, Hawkins played around harmonic ways while Young played flurries of notes and had a huge tone that the other tenor players of the day emulated.

As we all know, Lester Young was also called “Perez”, cause Billie Holiday felt that America’s greatest people, should be President Roosevelt, and in Jazz music, Young deserves the name “Perez” from the President is also a proper. And there are something in common between Hawkins and Young, they all wore the same uniform with difference on their collar and cap on stage, that has been part of Jazz tradition and the western blues ever since. Young accomplishments and playing skills helped define a generation and changed the Jazz field. Hawkins was “hot”, Young played was “cool”.

And Young always came up with a impolitely different conception in his play. His play was simple and relaxed, not with the feeling of rocking Jazz but quite a melodious song. I believe, in the later years, he abused drug, Young play was not always at the same level. However, there are some bright spots such as the five discos Lester Young in Washington D. C. 1956 and forum 2010) These two collections show that his style of music is still popular on the world. Section – Conclusion Both in the past and now, music in our life have played a big role, because music can make our lives richer and more colorful.