Jazz was one of the music genres that was greatly influenced by Latin music. The incorporation of Latin music, Latin American Jazz moves and the afro-Cuban beat also helped Modern dance emerge in the 20th century. 2. Machismo and his Afro-Cubans were the original Mambo Kings in the ass’s. They laid down the foundation for Salsa- Jazz ensembles. They also redefined Afro-Cuban Jazz, and greatly contributed to the creation of Cubby and Salsa. Drizzly made Chant Pizza his drummer in the late ass’s and was introduced to Pizza by Mario Abuzz. Drizzly also worked with Abuzz in clubs and played music with him, which helped him bring the Latin feel into his music. 4. The Palladium was a concert hall in NYC and later became a night club. The Palladium became the “Home of the Mambo”. 5. Films brought in Latin music to make it available to a broader audience. West Side Story was one of the very famous movies that brought Latin music to the light. 6.

Latin composers like Carols Santa have incorporated a Latin feel into the Rock genre. Many rock songs have a direct lineage to Latin music, or were written by Latin composers. 7. I think Latin music skyrocketed in popularity because if it’s happy upbeat nature, and happy feeling. When I listen to the song Danna Kudos by Don Omar the Inner Latin comes out In me and I Just want to Dance with all of my friends. 8. Yes the music I listen to has Latin influences, I listen to all types of music, even Latin music. 🙂

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