Jazz is a musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern USA. One of the contributions of Latino to the US, Latin jazz gained popularity In the sass’s into the late sass. 2. They were the original Mambo Kings In New York In the ? 40? S and are considered the most Innovative and Influential orchestra In the genre. 3. Dizzy Gillespie Incorporated Latin music Into his music by the rhythmical of Latin music with Jazz ND also using Latin musicians in his band. . The Palladium was once a studio in New York but then was home of the mambo where people from different races danced and had fun. 5. The television and films increased the exposure because movies and television shows were exposing some genres of Latin music by dancing and singing in the shows and also in the films. 6. Latin music influenced rock music using some Latin rhythms in their songs to make their song even better. 7.

Latin sic had such a great influence on the development of popular music because popular music were using some Latin material in their songs and people were amazed to what they were listening to so more and more artists were using Latin rhythms In their music and It sounded great. 8. Well yes because I love dancing so when I listen to some songs to dance to I can hear the Latin material In the songs and It amazes me to know that Latin music Is really a big part of our music culture.

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