Jazz is one of the few arts that will be considered truly American. Founded primarily in the south during the sass’s, this form of music was the first significant African American contribution that would be heard all around the world. Its constantly changing nature and loose rules allow it to be flexible and therefore, viable to audiences of all ages. Why is it unique to the American experience? In the south during the sass’s, this form of music was the first significant African audiences of all ages.

How is It unique to the American experience? The sound began to travel across the united States in the sass’s, becoming popular in large cities such as New York and Chicago. New players used the piano to combine a Ragtime feel with already established sounds. James Race Europe began to experiment with full orchestras, a real testimony to the classic Jazz improvisation to come. List some of the elements which Jazz incorporates (I. E. , Baptist church. ,) Historically, where was Jazz born?

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The combination of an already established African American population with the Influence from Caribbean and Mexican merchants began to Integrate with the popular brass bands. The town was home to legendary players such as Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton. What is improvisation? Why must Jazz be preserved? By the turn of the 20th century, the minstrel show enjoyed but a shadow of its former popularity, having been replaced for the most part by vaudeville. It survived as professional entertainment until about 1910; amateur performances continued until the sass In high schools, and local theaters.

As the call rights movement progressed and gained acceptance. Minstrels lost popularity. How can Jazz best be preserved? Today, Jazz can still be heard echoing in the Smokey clubs In towns Like Kansas City, Memphis and New Orleans, but a new generation has begun to appreciate the sounds of Jazz and swing. Bands like The Brian Seltzer Orchestra, Big Bad Vow Do 1 OFF genre and drawn in a much younger audience What were some elements of Minstrelsy? Blackjack minstrelsy was the first distinctly American theatrical form.

In the sass and sass, it was at the core of the rise of an American music industry, and for several decades, it provided the lens through which white America saw black America. On the one hand, it had strong racist aspects; on the other, it afforded white Americans a singular and broad awareness of what some whites considered significant aspects of black-American culture to be. Who was a Creole? Although the minstrel shows were extremely popular, being “consistently packed with families from all walks of life and every ethnic group “they were also controversial.

Racial integrations decried them as falsely showing happy slaves while at the same time making fun of them; segregationists thought such shows were “disrespectful” of social norms, portrayed runaway slaves with sympathy and would undermine the southerners. Louisiana Creole people are those who are descended room the colonial settlers in Louisiana, especially those of French, Spanish, and African descent Where and when and by whom was Jazz first recorded?