A Background Jennifer Walsh, a Dublin born girl in 1974, has made quite the name for herself as an artist. She dabbles in many many types of art form. She is a singer, a composer, a vocalist, an experimenter and much more. She studied composition with John Maxwell Geodes at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Kevin Violas in Dublin and graduated from Northwestern University, Chicago, with a doctoral degree in composition in June 2002. Her chief teachers at Northwestern were Mammon Holman and Michael Poplar.

Jennifer has won many prizes Including, the Characterless Mackerels, Praetors Music Prize and a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New York. She has also completed many residencies in places such as: In Context 3, Foundation, DAD Berliner K;nongovernmental. Snifter’s work has been performed and broadcast all over the world by ensembles such as Alter Ego, ensemble rcreche, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, Orchestra Significant del Theatre La Fence, Schoolmistresses Kaleidoscope, Ensemble Resonant, Apartment House, ensemble Nitgrades, Nine Vocalist’s Stuttgart.

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