I went to The Globe Cafe In Coral Gables, got there with my brother exactly at pm and sat on a high table Just In front of the band. We got there Just before they started playing and stayed for the whole first session that was Just over an hour. The Cafe was real nice, It wasn’t far from where I live and there was no traffic coming in, it is situated in a very nice part of Coral Gables just two blocks from Miracle Mile, that was perfect because parking was amazing, I parked in front of the place.

The Cafe was real nice, it had a bar and about 11 eleven tables (later when I .NET to the bathroom I realized it had a whole other bar and lounge area on the back). The Globe was very pleasant, the bar area was cool and they had a TV with the Chelsea vs.. Milan match on. The food was very good too (we shared some plates with my brother and the Guava Cheesecake was amazing), and they had some really good draft beers. The place wasn’t cheap, but you wouldn’t expect it to be taking Into account the place and the location.

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The band was situated on the back Just In front of the entrance and at first I thought It would be too loud for the place because the space wasn’t really big. But when they darted it was just the right volume, you could still talk to the person in your table. The band was formed by four musicians, Rudolf Gazing on the drums, Dave Fernando on the Saxophone, Dave Siegel on the Piano and Josh Allen on the bass, later another musician joined in with his Saxophone.

I stayed for the whole first part that ran for a little bit more than one hour, and they played about six or seven tunes. My brother was a little bit surprised that I knew so much about Jazz. I told him how the piano sometimes leaded and sometimes supported, and how the saxophone always leaded, all the pieces we heard started tit the saxophone leading and the Plano supporting and then the piano took over and started leading and the saxophone wouldn’t play.

All the tunes we heard pretty much had similar structure as too first the saxophone started leading and all others followed, then the piano started to lead while the saxophone wouldn’t play, and almost to the end of the piece even the bass leaded for a bit. I also told him how Jazz had the main element of improvisation and that was one thing that set Jazz apart from other genres of music. The band seemed to have good synchronization; and every member seemed to be avian fun, especially the bass player.