There Is definitely a deference between seeing a live performance and listening to It on the radio or on a compact disc. Listening to live music Is definitely a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night. I went to a Jazz concert at the Bluebird. It was a beautiful experience. I thought It was a throw back to the days where television was In black and white. It was a very Intimate setting between the band and the audience. The band was very small In size and was very good.

The woman who I believe to be he singer bared a very heavy resemblance to Jazz singers from the days of Duke Elongating, she was very good. She did many jazz standards and a couple of Billie Holiday songs, and even did one of my favorite songs, ‘At Last’ by Eat James. The band’s name was ‘Chlorate Revisited’, the people on instruments were Joe Lavabo on saxophone, Steve Kuhn on piano, Dennis Irwin on bass, and Doris Muhammad on the drums. All of the members of the band seemed very into their music, they were attentive to the other band members as well.

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The singer blew the crowd away with re emotion. There were a lot of young people to my surprise, at the concert as well as elderly people. They both got up and started to dance while she was singing. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and in the end I loved the show. I already have my eyes set on some up coming performances. I think it I will be even broadening my horizons and take a look at the opera and anything else I have not been paying much attention to or thought that I would never go to. It was an eye opening experience, one which I was grateful to have had.