John Chlorate (1926-1967) was a saxophonist and composer ; Working in the bebop and hard bop idioms early in his career, Chlorate helped pioneer the use of modes in Jazz and later was at the forefront of free Jazz and modal jazz. He was prolific, making about fifty recordings as a leader during his recording career. ; The recording exemplifies Collocates melodic phrasing that came to be known as sheets of sound, and features the use of a new harmonic concept now offered to as Chlorate changes.

Jazz musicians continue to use the “Giant Steps” chord progression as a practice piece and as a gateway into modern Jazz improvisation. The ability to play over the “Giant Steps”/ Chlorate cycle remains to this day one of the benchmark standards by which a Jazz musician’s improvising skill is measured. ; The album is also considered to be Chlorate’s farewell to bebop. He ventured into the territory of modal Jazz shortly afterwards. Listening: Giant Steps Electric Miles Davit’s influence included late sass acid rock and funk artists such a sly and the Emily stone, James Brown and Jim Hendrix Fusion ; Fusion or, more specifically, Jazz fusion or Jazz rock, is a musical genre that developed in the late sass from a mixture of elements of Jazz such as its focus on improvisation with the rhythms and grooves of funk and R and the beats and heavily amplified electric instruments and electronic effects of rock.

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Weather Report ; Leader of the band Joe Zanily ; Influential Jazz fusion band of the sass and early sass combining Jazz and Latin throughout their career). ; Listening; ” . Birdman” Featuring JACK Pastors on Bass Pat Methuen Guitarist and composer One of the most successful and critically acclaimed Jazz musicians to come to prominence in the sass and ‘ass, he is leader of the Pat Methuen Group and is also involved in duets, solo works and other side projects.

His style incorporates elements of progressive- and contemporary Jazz, post-bop, Latin-Jazz and Jazz fusion ; Mad scientist of Jazz Listening A night in Tunisia-Dizzy Gillespie Confirmation-Charlie Parker Well you needn’t- Theologies Monk Moon dreams-Miles Davis Blue Rondo A La Turk- Dave Bruce ; Desalinate-Stan Get.