Ragtime which was an African Tyler of music and was played by Plano influenced the creation of Jazz by African American. The first group ever to play jazz were; Tom browns band from Dixie land in South in 1916. Their Idea was just Musical literacy, they couldn’t read music, but they were so talented that they would only play by ear. For this particular reason many other musicians would call them negative names. After a decade, Jazz became more popular, but it never became Americas favorite music. However, popular music generated from Jazz.

This fact made Jazz more off life style( partying, having a good time). At that point in time any music that wasn’t religious or classical was mostly referred to Jazz ( in the ass’s). Jazz musicians were often so talented that pop music producers would depend on Jazz musicians for their creativity to make money for themselves. Therefore, Jazz became the musicians “Music”. Their honest desire and artistic creativity made them very proud. So, it wasn’t Just because of money. It was a unique way of life that they believed not everyone understands,

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There were 2 very common vehicles for Jazz songs. One was the cords to the 12 bar (blues). Two was the cords to “I got rhythm’ which emphasized many song forms. The formats were mostly consists of head solos head. The book explains about the six very important characteristics of Jazz which were; Improvisation, Syncopation, Swing, Jazz Instrument technical, Influence of the Blues and rhythm section and front liners. The very first style of jazz was New Orleans Jazz which was divided into two sections;

Collective Improvisation and counterpoint (poly phony) melody against melody. At that time Kid ROR was the first African American in 1922 to record instrumental Jazz. Some of the famous figures of that era were; Sidney Becket, which was one of the greatest Jazz musicians who moved to Europe and started the Jazz there. Another famous figure was James P Johnson ” The father of Harlem Strides” who was classically trained composer. Some of the other key figures of that era are as follows: Buddy Bolder was one of the very first jazz players ever who invented the big 4 beat.

Bunk Johnson who played modern Jazz until way after Into ass’s but never recorded his music. Freddie kippered helped spreading the New Orleans jazz. Joe king Oliver who was one of the key figures and also was the mentor of the Legendary Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong is one the most influential Jazz icons of all time. He was born In August of 1901, but claimed that he was born on July 4th of 1900. He started his career as cornet player at an early age. In 1919 he played with river boat band lead by Fate marble.

Although they were all African American but they played for white That’s when he became second corniest at the Lincoln gardens. In 1925 he changed from cornet to trumpet and he recorded the hot g’s and hot g’s Master pieces until 1929 which gained much respect for the genre of Jazz. Other famous people who collaborated with Louis during that time were; Fletcher Henderson, Don Red man and Coleman Hawkins. After 1929 he got inebriate 2 different mobs in Chicago and a year later moves to LA to perform at Sebastian cotton club in Culver city.