Jazz Band Critique At this Jazz concert the feeling one got as walking into the concert hall was that of a gut feeling that one knew It was going to be a relaxing show with relaxing music. This show was at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus and was taken place in room 6120 at eight at night. This group doing the live show was presented as a group meaning that there was not a single person, which pretty much was the main act.

For example, rock bands usually have the singer shown to be the “front man” but here the whole ensemble was presented together. There were several instruments such as the trumpet, alto saxophone, guitar, drums, bass, piano, and vibes. All of these instruments were playing the melody In perfect tune. In song one they played called “ICC Will Ditch Mit Fillies Be Where” the title seemed to show a meaning as if the song was trying to speak out a message due to the tone of the song. It was also confusing to give it a full meaning to the title since it was in another language.

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The sound of the music related to the title because the full song consisted of slow and rather steady beats. This song was full of long melodies, which are steady beats that are within the same sound. Since this was the introduction song, the volume of the song stayed at a steady low level. The second song “Techno-pop” was more of a medium-tempo song. There were two solos within the song. There was a saxophone solo as well as a piano solo, The title of the song related to the music because It Is the complete opposite as to the name of the song: there was a lot of noise.

Throughout the song there were several complex rhythms since there were two solos. I heard a lot of notes within the solos such as the guitar solo and as well the piano solo. In song number three “Almost Like Being in Love” was a slow paced song. There were several changes In rhythm due to the fact that there was a singer in this song and she was babbling some of the parts. The song in general was not a song one would dance to for the fact that the singer Just stood in one spot the entire song and Just sang instead of trying to entertain the crowd more.

This song was calm throughout the whole song. On the fourth song called “A Night In Check De Sadden(No More Blues)” there was a lot of sound since this was a really up-beat song. It consisted of a sax, trumpet, piano, and drum solo. The entire song as very complex in rhythm since it had so many different beats to it due to all the solos It consisted of. In the solos, I mainly heard short riffs due to the fact that It was a very fast beat song. Song number five called “l Hear a Rhapsody’ was the best song of the night.

It’s name related to the beat of the song because the entire song was played in a rhapsody beat style. The song started off simple and then turned into a complex song due to the fast pace of the song. This was definitely a song to tap your foot to the beat of the music. The musicians used their instruments sound to start off a solo rather well. For 1 OFF pitched note. The musician mainly used volume to convey different levels of energy and by using volume he was able to attract the viewers attention in a second.

The musician while performing his solos played louder as the solo progressed throughout the song and while playing louder and with more notes he was able to generate a large amount of interest. You were able to see the people in the crowd be drawn towards the solo artist. The overall effect of the pieces to me were interesting because I am also a fellow musician and really enjoyed the way they all played each of their own instruments ND the vibe they got off of each other while performing. There was one solo that really drew me in and it happened to be the drum solo.

The drummer played with a beat similar to that of Elvin Jones such as using polymaths, which are more than one type of rhythm within a song or solo. This performance overall was a great performance. For it being my second Jazz performance I ever go to I really enjoyed it and will look forward to going to even more performances throughout the year and throughout my student career at Miami Dade College. I can now say that I fully enjoy listening to Jazz music. It is a music to calm ourselves.