Dan Stark, drum by Skip Mccain, and harp by Monica. Name of the first song was “Be my love”. They started a song with very bright tone and middle fast tempo. This song created very lively feeling and gave audiences little bit Information about what kind of music they were going to perform during the concert. This song was great opener because this song made audiences get Involved in the concert such as clapping their hands and tapping with their feet to feel the rhythm and tempo. The second song was a samba but, they played in a jazz style. At this moment, the bass guitar was a huge part of the song.

There was no vocal but just bass guitar and acoustic guitar. The bass keeps the rhythm flew and acoustic guitar was making melody lines. The third song started under Zion park’s (Leader of the band) cue The name of the song was “Like someone In love”. In this song, saxophone played a big role. The most Interesting part was the call and respond used in this song. It was kind of common call and respond parts between piano and saxophone but Zion Park played the piano like Art Datum. Which Zion used re- harmonize the melody lines by playing different notes and altering the root events off tune.

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Also, he used a imitating the vibrato of saxophone sound with his keyboard. The instruments they playing were acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, hand drum (percussion), drum, and saxophone. There were some solo parts for particular instruments. The musicians playing improvisational solos, and they were expressed their uniqueness of each instruments’ very well. Zion Park used keyboard instead of piano because keyboard could play with many different sound effects. The title of the fourth song was called, “Let’s get away from it all”.

In their fourth song again, saxophone was played a huge role. From the beginning of the song Plano kept playing same melody line repeated and saxophone was moving wide range of notes and pitch. The rhythm and the tempo of drum changed as saxophone changed rhythm and the tempo. The bass guitar helped drum to follow saxophone’s rhythm and tempo. The saxophone style was kind of similar with the how Louis Armstrong was playing a solo. There were two guitars, but saxophone dominated other instruments and it was difficult to hear other instruments.

The fifth song was hand drummer used sand rattler instead of hand drum. The drum climax. The change of unpredictable rhythm and tempo made audience excited. Many audiences were clapping with rhythm. The sixth song was in blues style. The Name of the Song was, “I’ll see you in my dreams”. Just bass guitar, saxophone, drum, and keyboard were playing. It was short piece song but Just enough time to feel blues. This piece was one of few slow tempo songs in this concert. The mix of bass guitar, saxophone, drum, and keyboard articulated the basic blues style but touched audiences’ feel deeply.

The name of the seventh song was “Soul Eyes”. By playing slow tempo song before this piece, the transition between 6th and 7th song was very natural and kept same mood smoothly. This song was one of the very unique songs from this Jazz concert. Because of Monica, the harp player played only this song. The harp is a very unique instrument that can be found in a Jazz band. She played very well with harp and it was very interesting how the harp could create Jazz feeling with blending with other Jazz instruments. It seemed the audiences never saw harp layer playing Jazz song before.

The audiences were very quiet and enjoyed how the harp expressing a Jazz. The harp delivered feelings of soft and calm but a few times in this song, Monica delivered strong sound as well. From the eighth song violin joined a group. The main instrument in this song was a violin. The harmony with violin and other instruments created similar to orchestra but still, expressed Jazz style very well. The concert finished by playing last piece called, “Only Trust Your Heart,” and “Alone Together” which all the members of Zion Parks band played together.

Just like any other last song in concert, this song kept the audiences together by using easy rhythm, tempo, and simple melody lines. In the Korean community, there were not many chances to experience this kind of concerts. The audiences seemed never getting tired of listening Jazz music. Even though, this is first formal Jazz concert in Korean community, many people came and got a chance to experience about Jazz music. This was great chance to introduce what Jazz was like and how Jazz could be related to other styles of music. Attending this Jazz concert was definitely worth the time and money.