New England Conservatory- Jordan Hall Thursday, November 29, 2012. The New England Conservatory is well known for its contemporary Improvisation program. The program was founded in 1972 by musical visionaries Gunter Schuler and Ran Blake, trains musicians to develop their composing, performing, and Improvising skills. Several concerts have been held at N. E. C(New England Conservatory), but the mall theme of this specific one Is “Rebirth of the Third Stream”. “The program walks through the evolution of music that fits the

Third Stream definition and its evolution: jazz compositions that are orchestrated with the complexity of a classical symphony; classical works that have been “recomposed” by Jazz musicians; original works by classical and Jazz composers that blend genres. ” Prior to the concert, the musicians were introduced to the audience. The names of the players were: Saxophones;Will Bridges, literally Machines, leathery Pas, tenors Jack Fiancé, tenderly Brickfield, baritone Trumpets;Matt Josephine Sandal

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David Anniversary Doubtlessness Gilbert Troublesomeness Jacarandas Gabble Eric Stillwell]Melcher Present Rhythm Sector]Knolls Anatolia, Panamanian Munson, clarinet]Luke Park, clarinet and alto saxophones]Alex Honest, Jennifer Hyde, horn] Lucas Jensen, bass trombone After players set up on stage they opened with A Tone Parallel to Harlem by Duke Elongating. They opened with a very slow introductory beat and picking up and slowing down tempo as time elapsed. There was obvious synchronization of Elongation’s being and swing musical composition and classical symphony influence that had been recomposed.

This song gave the audience an overall introduction or feel for what would be played throughout the concert. I believe this was a great musical piece to open with because It was brilliantly arranged to give the audience a taste of the swing, along with the complexity of the orchestra. The second piece played was Arab Dance originally composed by Tchaikovsky(1840-1893), and arranged by Gel Evans. This classic famously composed for the play the Nutcracker, Is complex and very well arranged.

This song put the audience into a trance like state with its deep classical melodies, but also incorporated use of the saxophone and trumpets. The third piece that was played was Modern Opus by Bob Gartering. I believe this defines the concert because it was originally composed as a third stream piece of music. Included a lot of Alto Saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. You Go To My Head composed by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie, also arranged by Bob Gartering was played next, this is a very complex arrangement.

Heavily influenced by the classical music and orchestra, but also included improvisation of Jazz melodies. The Shoes of the Fisherman’s wife are some Jive-Ass Slippers composed by Charles Minus and arranged by Sys Johnson Is a wonderful sound. This was my favorite piece played. Has very Interesting sounds of flutes, and beautiful Plano solo. This was the last song played before the concerts Intermission. Opening up after intermission was the Prelude, Fugue, and Riffs. Composed by followed by Horace is Blue composed by Ran Blake and arranged by Ken Chapters.