I have read I spend half of my life reading books. The book I read last was The Hunger Games. (Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins)… Let’s a sic-if story. It really helps to learn to use your imagination. The whole book is action-packed and gripping which keeps you interested till the end and even after. I love the carters, they are true to life. It is easy to Identify with their Joys and sorrows. Catkins, PETA and the little Rue are my favorite. I think we can learn from them, how they live their lives. Its a good book for today teenagers.

For example, Catkins is a really helpful character, It was illegal to hunt anything Is the forest, despite she went to hunt, because her family was suffering. She could be died. It was a very brave action. I don’t know how many young people would do the same to protect their family’s. This is Just one, but their are a lots of social and moral messages In the book. Reading this one can open up your mind and even help you to think in a different way. What would you do if you were be in those situations. So this book is really for me, because I like thinking, and find the answers.

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I really Like this book, It s very Individual . A film I have seen I have got a lots of favorite films. The last I saw Is my new favorite now. The Hunger Games, which was written by S. C and directed by G. R. This film has an action- packed , gripping plot, which keeps you interested till the end and even after. The characters are true to life and they are carefully developed. Their relationships emotions and values get depth as the plot unfolds. They evoke great empathy and it is easy to identify with their Joys and sorrows. My favorites are Catkins, PETA and the little Rue. UT all of the actors and actresses are playing their parts with mastery and gusto. I think the film has a strong cast and the supporting roles are also superbly played.. It hasn’t goat simple story line as lots of films. I love the photography and both the exterior and interior shots. Either the scenery and the setting are very impressive and the visual effects are convincing. These things make all the scenes completely life-like. In a film for me the soundtrack is important, the music creates a sense of atmosphere, its Improving the film. Bolsters the drama. Here I missing this.

Despite, Hunger Games is thought-provoking and has a significant social and moral message. So this is for me because I like thinking and mind answers for my own questions;) It Is a must-see movie which will withstand the test of the time. My favorite style of music Well if I have to choose which style of music is my favorite maybe I would say that is pop, because It is breathable and full of energy. When listen to pop music It makes me remember happy times and I forget the problems of everyday life. It helps me to relax when I’m tired, and entertains me when old like to have fun.

Now my favorite band Is Fran Palermo. They are not very popular, but I love their Individual music. And as for me, I also enjoy listening to classical music. I playing violin, piano and guitar so its not so far away from me. Classical music is always a complex of found a young and very talented pianist who writes beautiful songs. He’s name is Misaims Maraca and I love him and his story. The music I hate is heavy metal. I find it noisy and dreadful. When I listen to this style of music it presents to my mind pictures of dark days… Am.. Jazz.. Like Jazz too, I think that Jazz is a mixture of many different kinds of music, but I consider it a bit complicated… So I think each of templates to our hearts and transforms our feelings. It conquers our souls and enriches our minds. Besides, listening to music is the perfect way to spend free time and not to feel bored. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t like or need music, who never sings or dances. My favorite musician This is a good question who my favorite musician is. If I have to choose then I would say two, a band and a pianist.

I haven got a favorite genre of music so this is why I am in trouble. Fran Palermo is a great band, they have got one singer, Henry and also he writes most of the band’s songs. I love his deep voice, and how he is singing. They call their music vagabond Rock Roll. He is good-looking and he has got an unusual and individual hair and clothing style. When I asked my self this: why I like Henrys music? I would say that his music inspires my mind and my soul. In the songs their are a lot of musical instruments like harmonica, violin, tuba, piano, guitars and fantastic accords and rhythm.

Henry Gonzalez is a very talented young boy, writing his songs with mastery and gusto. Sadly he is not so popular and first I thought that his nationality is Mexican or Italian, but I surprised because he is Hungarian! So I’m sure I will go to his live concert in December. I mentioned a pianist too. He is also a very characteristic person. He writes beautiful songs for piano. His story totally engaged me. In an interview he told how he became popular. He was poor and hadn’t got money to learn playing the piano. He’s story has got a happy ending. Now millions of people can watch him on Youth,( me too.. Because of him I started playing the piano again and I begin to like classical music. What do you do to protect the environment? Our planet is changing. We need to help it to change for the better If we want a cleaner and healthier Earth that is true that we have to protect the environment. I’m doing my best, what I Just can do to make my environment better. I think the most serious ecological problems of today are : the pollution of air, water and soil , the weather changes, – the breaking of the ozone layer, – disappearance of many species of animals and plants.

But I cannot stop the growing number of cars on roads and highways contribute much to the air pollution But sadly I’m not as strong as to stop these destroyer process/ progresses. Because I’m Just one person from the Earth. What do I have to do to protect the environment? Well, little but important things. Use the less electricity Just as you can, and turning the lights off, when you’re not in the room. Fridge takes a lot of energy to keep cool, so I never leave the fridge door open or put hot things inside. Or when I go shopping I always Check the wash my teeth I turn the tap off to save 5-10 liter water.

I sort out the rubbish , and if I can I recycle it, I make decorations sometimes from rubbish. My best friends personality Her name is Steel and I know her since maybe I was ten years old. I think we have got a real and unfeigned, honest friendship. If I tell her a secret or my troubles my happiness she always listens in me and its a good feel that I have somebody who won’t tell these things to others and I wont hear them back. So about Sites… She is as tall as me, has got brown hair and eyes and pretty face. Her clothing style is totally different from mine, boot not bad Just unusual for me.

I can say that she is an artist . She plays the violin as me amends has got a kind of instinct with music. .Now she is studding at a university in Budapest , yes she is a little bit older than me, and now we can’t spend as much time as we want but it doesn’t matter. In Steel I love the kindness she has, how she loves and helps to her family and people. She is a very hard- working, and good student and doesn’t like half-made Jobs. She would never forget y birthday or named and send presents for me, and be the first who celebrates me. I love her sense of humor, she can always make me laugh even if I don’t want to.

I proud that I know her. My favorite place in my home My favorite place in my house is my my bedroom Cue that’s where I spend most of my time in.. When I’m home. And the other reason that is my favorite place it is a place I can Just relax and have fun. It’s furnished like my style is, and I decorated it. It’s full of keepsakes and memories and photos. There is a piano and a guitar in it. It’s not my first room, but I live here for ten years. And sometimes I feel myself in a stage hen I am in my room, where I play my music to people or write songs.