Everyone one earth has a unique identity. I made a collage of images called an identikit. The images on the identikit represent what kind of person we are or a side of us we want to show people. My identikit shows the hip-hop side of me. My identikit has images such as a break-dancer, which shows the power of hip-hop and headphones, which represents the soul of hip-hop. There are three assumptions that come to mind when finding your identity.

The first one is that we are born with an identity, for example our gender shows what person e are. The second one is that our culture shapes our identity. The third is if the identity was shaped by the personal choices you made in your life. All three will shape one’s identity. Me break-dancing was a personal choice of mine so I could get fit and perform insane moves people will be marveled by. Listening to music was cultural based because everyone listens to music. Whether it would be gangster Rap or smooth Jazz music helps motivate us in everything we do.

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The spray paint represents art and since my family was good at art whether it would be drawing or laying and instrument so I guess it runs in my genes. My identikit shows that I am an artistic person who loves to relax and have fun In life. The Images on my identikit were chosen to project my identity. Images included headphones and a cassette, which represent music. Music motivates us In many ways such as the lyrics In some songs are meaningful. The music Images on my Identikit show that I am the same way. Whenever I hang out with my old friends I always give the best advice to lead them to the right direction.