Blues and Jazz are different in several major ways. L. Blues and Jazz are deferent in terms of feeling. A. By performing or listening to the Blues, one is able to overcome sadness. 1. Blues is based on the music of African-American playing to express longing for better life and lost loves, Jobs, and money. 2. Because African-American, in the past, did not know about music theory, they played out of major scale notes, and therefore, makes the feeling of sadness. B. Jazz sparks an emotional complexity that Is very hard to pinpoint or describe. 1.

Jazz is different form every other kinds of music that is several modes and scales of several keys are used in one jazz song while there is only one key per song in other kinds of music. 2. Different modes and scales spark different feeling; therefore it is very complex when there are several modes and scales in one song. II. Blues and Jazz are different In terms of difficulty. A. Blues is easier than Jazz to learn. 1 . Chord progression of Blues is quite standing. Most of Blues songs have the same chord progression that is called 12 Bar Blues chord progression.

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However, some Blues songs are written with 8 or 16 Bar Blues chord progression. 2. Blues is normally played with only the dominant chords that are not complex Like the chords played on Jazz. 3. There are only a few of scales for Blues music. Blues scale Is the scale normally used In Blues music. More over, pentatonic scale, bebop scale, and Dorian mode are also used in Blues. B. Jazz is so hard to learn that even some of musicians are unable to play it. Is necessary for one who wants to learn Jazz to understand Blues first because Blues is the basic of Jazz 2.

There are several chord progressions In Jazz, for Instance, I-el- V progression, Moreover, 12 Bar Blues Is used In Jazz music as well, but It Is more complex. Jazz played with Blues chord progression is called Jazz Blues. 3. Jazz is played with the extended chord that is difficult to play because it has more than 4 notes per chord while the dominant chords has only 4 notes. 4. Every scales and modes can appear in Jazz including the scales that are used in Blues. Ill. Blues and Jazz are different In terms of the Instruments.