He expands off of the basis of a did range of genres, utilizing different instruments with a wide variety of timbres. Main strong suit In the music of his own would be his songwriting style with a broad usage of political and environmental views on our society as a whole. Jackson’s, unlike others in his similar genre of music does not flaunt solo Improvisation such as the like of John Mayer and Ben Harper. In general his music is laid back and very easy to listen to for consumers of all ages In a diverse sound that strikes a further type of study in later years.

Jack Johnson draws influence from a great number and variety of musicians. He quotes Nick Drake, Ben Harper, The Beetles, Bob Marble, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and A Tribe Called Quest among his Influences. It Is easy to hear the elements that each 1 OFF of Dylan, the political activism of Young and Dylan, the reggae of Marble, the guitar prowess of Ben Harper, and the sheer creativity, chattiness and mass appeal of the Beetles. Jack Johnson, in this genre gained popularity largely by appealing to the fans of a variety influences.

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He incorporates enough of his influence’s sound to win over the fans of his particular influence while still being unique. Most bands begin small, playing coffee shops and small venues until they build up a following, then write and record CD and tour to support it. Jack Johnson took a bit of a different route; he started as a Hawaii-based surfer and filmmaker who picked up songwriting to provide music for films. He began writing songs during his college years, having played the guitar since age fourteen. Eventually, he was introduced to G.

Love and Special Sauce and took front man G. Love for a day of surfing. G. Love ended up recording Jacks song “Rodeo Clowns” for his album Philadelphia. It became the first single from the album; Jack sang and played on the track. Jack then recorded a four-track demo, which caught ears of Ben Harpers producer and right hand man, J. P. Plumier. Plumier worked with Jack on his debut album Brushfire Fairytale in early 2001, with Harper and his lap steel guitar making a guest appearance. The album solidified Johnny’s popularity; since the U. S. And internationally numerous times.

Jack Johnson in turn influences the other counterparts of his genre, but he has a unique sound that spawns a myriad of imitators. Jack Johnny’s sound is particularly distinctive, and can be clearly heard in the sound many followers and impersonators. For example, it is a very popular trend right now to play acoustic covers of his songs; many people post videos of themselves playing the covers knouted. Com. The throng of fans and followers is a testament to Johnny’s influence and skill. Performance is the area in which Jack Johnny’s true skill shines through most clearly.

He is one of very few artists who sounds better live than on recording; his voice and performance are flawless the entire time. As the headlining act in the show, he happily plays a set that lasts anywhere from an hour and a half, to two hours. The songs are played from memory without any sheet music, which is an impressive feat considering that he has a backlog of over a hundred songs to remember. He has obviously had many years of vocal and guitar lessons and practices regularly, as it is rare occurrence for him to miss a single note in the entire set.

He demonstrates his skill and mastery of his instruments mainly through his flawless performance rather than through solos, which are utilized by some of his peers such as John Mayer. Johnny’s expressiveness is not demonstrated in the soulful solos or emotive vocals of his created by his songs. For example, his music is often described as “chill” and “relaxing’, and this shows vividly once again in his live shows. The atmosphere at the concerts is relaxed, inclusive, welcoming one, and is clearly a reflection of Johnny’s music. It is a very loose atmosphere, and the audience is very much in tune with Johnson and what he is doing.

He plays off of that connection, interacting with the crowd extremely well and even augmenting some of his songs to get more of a crowd reaction. During the course of a normal show, he performs a variety of his songs and the occasional cover, even asking the crowd for requests. This is common for this genre; one of the requirements is to be able to perform and interact extremely well during live shows. Key way that the groups attract a following is through charismatic, energetic live shows, and this holds especially true for Jack Johnson. Jack can be grouped into his own genre due to social practices as well.

In general, the typical artists in this genre are young, white men in their twenties or thirties, UT there is a decent amount of race diversity in this type of genre. Ben Harper for one is mixed race, Damn Marble is Jamaican, and there are many others of different ethnicities. However, the music draws in fans, and thus followers, who are mainly college-age and white. Johnny’s music has been featured in everything from surf documentaries to Curious George, and is universally adored by many different be politically active and on the liberal side of the political spectrum.

Jack Johnson, for example, is very involved in environmental efforts, and the others are all engaged in animal political efforts much like their forebears and idols, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. It is hard to tell if this movement is truly counter-culture because the music itself is very mainstream and doesn’t push musical limits in comparison to Pete Serge and Bob Dylan, but the views of the musician often run opposite to much of society. Protest songs are very common to this genre, such as Johnny’s “All At Once,” an outcry against climate change, or songs like his “Sleep Through The Static” both of which protest the Iraq War.

This otherwise eclectic genre is unified by few characteristics; this is the most common trait to Jack, as well as other artists in this type of lyrical style. Jack Johnson is one of few musicians who make’s truly unique music. He and his contemporaries do an excellent Job of blending their vast array of influences to create music that is creatively different, yet at the same time universally accepted by a wide audience. He is an exceptional musician and songwriter, and has helped to pioneer a vastly successful genre.