Ivies structure doesn’t really use the true march structure. It has more of a five part sectional that brings back the opening march. Ivies uses polytonal and polymath for his music to make it seem like you are In the picture. This adds more energy and power to his pieces. One of the major achievements of the 20th century. He uses quarter tones that fiddlers play off beat. He Is familiar with It and compares It to everyday American Life.

He uses other music from other pieces and In his Country Band March Is nothing but chaos which Is done on purpose. 2. “Appalachian Spring” brings a quintessential sound. He makes his music very lively and colorful. Even though his music Is very live and colorful, It has a soft side to It as well. He paints a beautiful picture with his music and fits with the choreography of the song. 3. The 3 early 20th century musical forms that were American originals were HIP-HOP, Jazz, and Pop.

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All 3 continued to grow throughout the 20th century. Hip-Hop Is black urban art forms that emerged in NYC in the ass. It encompasses rap, break dancing, and graffiti. Pop music is derived from rock and roll music. And Jazz was created by the African Americans and blended elements drawn from African music with the popular and art traditions of the West. 4. The movie I watched was the Little Mermaid. The music is an integral part of the movie.

Since the movie is about an underwater kingdom, the main song in the movie is “Under the Sea. ” There were other songs in the movie that helped make the movie a lot more entertaining to watch. There are parts in the movie where all the creatures dance to songs. I think that Disney movies are like this and that music is a crucial part of all their movies. 5. I think that the practices of sampling is the same as borrowing as long as permission and credit are given. Otherwise it would be considered plagiarism.

From my own occurrences, there have been people that I know that borrow samples of songs to use it a remix that they make. If its for a non profit use then permission has to be given. 6. Masque concrete began in France and electronics Music began in Germany. Masque concrete mainly focused on natural sounds recorded on magnetic tapes. Lithosphere Music created compositions using electronically generated sounds. Digital technology was the evolutions of these approaches In the sass with the invention of Fm synthesis.