It’s All about Jazz Fusion BY Jackie “It’s All About Jazz Fusion” Of the Jazz styles studied In this module, I prefer jazz-rock-fusion. I enjoy listening to this style of jazz because it creates a rock mood by its different melodies, complex rhythms, tones and harmonies. Jazz -fusion, “melds rock rhythms and the use of electronic instruments with collective improvisation” (Ferris). Jazz music in general is mostly improvised music, so its melody is an interesting element to its listeners. I feel that being a jazz musician has to be complicating.

There are so many, “extreme ranges In volume, rapid shifts In meter, tempo and mood,” In Jazz-fusion (Ferns). Therefore. These musicians are creating art every time he or she plays. After listening to some of the jazz-fusion music clips, it is hard for me to tell that they are all apart of the same genre. This makes me prefer this style of jazz even more because listening to the same pieces of music sounds different even if the same musicians play it. Whereas in popular music, the same melody is repeated constantly with little or no variations.

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Another reason why I prefer Jazz-fusion style Is because a lot of people can’t listen to a type of music if there are no lyrics. I appreciate the listeners that can listen to instrumental music because not a lot of people can. I feel that most popular artists are usually singers because they are the ones who sing the melody, while the other instruments are Just heard in the background. Jazz-fusion music is not appreciated by a lot of listeners because they think it’s Just “background music. ” I have a deferent outlook as a listener of the Jazz-fusion style.

I know there are multiple melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and tones In this style of music, but I can still appreciate how It Is played. The aesthetic notes that are being played by the different instruments are the lyrics in my mind. You do not need words to be sung by a singer in a song for you to have your mood set by a genre of music. All music makes one feel a certain way when they listen to it depending on the tones, type of scales and melodies that are being played. An artist that I like to believe Is the face of Jazz-fusion styled music Is Miles Davis.

I have listened to a lot of his songs from his On the Corner album and I find him to be one the greatest jazz-fusion artist. His improvisation talent amazes me. Some of the songs that I’ve listened to from his On the Corner album, I found to have some peculiar timbre from some of the instruments. According to America’s Musical Landscape text, “The album features an amazing array of instruments, including an Indian sitar, and a rock (funky) drumbeat” (Ferris). His creativity of the jazz-fusion music made me look at this style of Jazz from a new perspective.

I know that Jazz- rock-fusion Is not limited to Just some rock and rhythm and blues being thrown together to create music but it is a work of art that can be turned to funk like Miles Davis has shown which has inspired other musicians to do as well. I feel that jazz- rock-fusion is the style that is likely to have the most influence on future musicians. Every style of music is always evolving but I feel that jazz-fusion would have the largest impact on future musicians because a lot of the sounds are electronic like entities to evolve, as musicians explore new technology and world sounds” (Ferris).

Without technology, the music that is being played today would not be alive. Future musicians goals are to be popular. To achieve their goals, they have to be apart of the digital trend and use electronics to create the background in today’s music. The electric sounds of a synthesizer, organ, guitars, drums, etc. Have all evolved from somewhere, someone, or something. Hence, why I feel that Jazz-rock-fusion is likely to have the most influence on future musicians. No other style of Jazz has the monuments to create contemporary music like Jazz-rock-fusion does.

In conclusion, I prefer to listen to Jazz-rock fusion. Its melodies are beautiful and unpredictable. The improvisation that was used to create this amazing style of music is incredible. Miles Davis kept this style of music alive and that is why the instruments that are used in jazz-fusion are timeless. Music being made today uses instruments that have evolved from the Jazz-fusion style and this is why I feel it is appropriate to say that this style of music has the most influence on future musicians.