Riskier is a Cuban band that is made up of several members which include the founders Random De Esquires Romeo the Music Director and the Pianist which is Couch Valves. “Jazz bands began forming In Cuba as early as the sass. These bands often Included both Cuban popular music and popular North American Jazz, and show tunes In their 59). Riskier created a new movement In the musical world; they opened many eyes as they were the first ones to create Cuban Jazz music in 1973.

What made the Riskier and so unique was that they practiced and trained in creating orchestra music as well as playing Jazz. “According to many people in Cuba Jazz was considered a four letter word in Cuba before Riskier was formed” (May). During 1973 in Cuba many of the prisoners and people from Cuba had migrated to Miami. And In 1973 Riskier was formed. “Riskier is one of the bands that symbolize modern Cuba, one of the most popular bands, very much present as part of the Havana cultural scene and all over the island,” (Scabies) this quote is from an Interview in 1994.

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Since Couch was not American he could not establish with an American Jazz band and this Is why he decided to create his own band Riskier. The general style that this artist falls under Is Jazz, but more specifically It was referred to as Afro-Cuban Jazz. Riskier was so unique because of Its use of Jazz, rock, funk, classical, and Cuban rhythm. They had put all of these genres into one song all at the same time. “Riskier was a very explosive band with all their different rhythms put into one” Ones).

The music of Riskier was said to be very loud and not for the faint hearted as described by many musical historians. Eraser’s music did not really change over time however some of the members came in and sometimes left after a few years but the two main leaders remained the same, and their style of music remained the same throughout the years. “The longest running groups with a variety of musicians would be Riskier” (Chip). Riskier was not really influenced by anyone this Is most likely because they were the ones that created their own movement in he musical world.

Artists In Riskier Included Arturo Sandal, Piquant Darleen, Bernard Garcia,Jose Luis Cortes, Angina Ditz, Fran Patella, and Carols Overhear. All of these people were a part of the band at some point. Riskier was a very influential band which was also highly respected worldwide they were given respect which was very well deserved. It was considered as the best salsa dance band in Cuba at the time which gave them respect. All in all, Riskier was a great band and had created a unique genre of music during the time.