Music and radio has roots In American culture and the way society Is today. The different types of music genres have shaped American culture and social behavior of Americans. Audio media has had a major affect and influence on the attitudes of Americans and especially today’s youth and young adults. Music and radio has given American culture its values, the way that Jazz, blues, and R;B created rock ; roll, music created American culture. Music appeals to young adults, and youth as an escape to the hard times of real life.

Drawn by the explicit lyrics and beats, the youth always searches out for music to dance to and music to connect with. American culture has been steadily changing due to music and what is known as pop culture. The need to be accepted in a certain social group has a lot to do with music. Music brought a cultural shift in the race segregation, black artists playing music with white artists and for mixed audiences. American culture before the ass’s was a strict segregation culture and music allowed for the barrier to be broken.

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Artists using sexual Innuendoes and other antics changed what as the norm of morals and values and put a more “liar outlook on such things. Music has influenced the openness of sexuality and sexual orientation. More and more artists are open about their sexuality, making more of a normal thing in American Culture. Being gay used to be shunned, and now it is openly celebrated. All of these things are because of music. The radio started playing what was known as “race” music on white stations and this made It so a lot of different Americans can hear and be exposed to a broad range of music.

Becoming more acceptable rock and OLL, punk, and hip hop have had an impact on the teens and young adults of American culture. The ass’s brought the rebelliousness out of teens with punk rock music, while the us hip-hop has had a big effect on fashion and attitudes of people. Music has shaped American culture in many ways, a way of expressing one’s opinions and bringing groups of people together with similar Ideals and opinions. A way of bringing what was different cultures together and making one culture, The American Culture. Rock and Roll is a genre of music that has forever changed the social behavior of

Americans. Rock and roll has influenced American culture in the daily life, fashion and attitudes of most Americans. Rock and Roll broke the race barricade, forming in a time of a civil rights movement. Rock and roll was a new form of music that encouraged desegregation. Evolving black artists and white artists playing black Rock and roll put a perception of sex, drugs, and alcohol to be accepted and what is considered “cool”. Artists singing about doing drugs, or hooking up with random woman made it something to be idealized. Rock and roll influenced young adults to engage in risky behavior.

Now is American culture, these things are almost considered normal. Rock and roll shaped fashion and is continuously changing fashion. Fans copy styles of their favorite artists as a way to express one’s self. From ripped up, tight, or baggy pants, long hair, colored hair, or shaved heads, the fashion is always changing. Some fashions coming back and making another appearance in American culture, a lot of fashion comes from Rock and roll. Piercing and tattoos once forbidden, is becoming more and more acceptable in American culture. It is not trance to see business people and stay at home moms with tattoos.

Rock and roll has influenced this change in American culture and tattoos are “normal”. Rock and roll artists have changed the way sexuality and sexual orientation is looked at. Rock and roll has made it okay to be gay and okay to dress how someone wants. Rock and roll has given the care-free attitude to young adults. American culture has changed into a “screw society, morals and values” type of attitude, based on what rock and roll has made society. Rock and roll has given a sense of community to certain groups of people who share ideals and values, and brings them together into a certain setting.

Rock and roll has had a major effect on social behavior of Americans and American culture. Music does affect social behavior and attitudes of Americans. Music gives people an outlet to express their opinions. Audio media has links to American cultures in every decade, changing and molding American into what it is today. Since the sass’s even, people have sought out music as a way to connect to others. Audio media is an ever changing thing, which will always reflect on the social behavior and attitudes of Americans.