Music Music comes on in all different types of ways. People listen to music about fifty percent of the time. They listen in their car, at work and home. Some people even study to music. Jazz, gospel and rap are some of the most popular kinds of music. A first example is Jazz. Jazz has a very soft sound. They use saxophones and horns most of the time. People of all ages listen to this type of music. Jazz Is usually played In nice restaurants. Plano plays a big role In Jazz music as well.

Most Jazz music Is Instrumental. This Is very good style of music. A second example Is gospel music. It appeals to older people. They have a contemporary. This type of music supposed to draw the younger people. It has an upbeat and mostly from the Bible. This music supposed to draw people Christ. This is one of the oldest types of music. It dates all the way back to slavery. A third example is rap. Rap appeals mostly to the younger crowd. They have hard core rap. This type of music uses a lot of foul language. They talk about drugs and alcohol.

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This music also has a lot of bass in it. People usually play this music very loud. People usually can hear the cars coming down. The cars make the windows of houses shake. Then there is hip hop rap. This music usually has half naked women dancing in their videos. Most elder people don’t like this music. In conclusion, music appeals too lot of different people. Music can be heard just about every in the world. Music will always be around. All types are popular but these are the most popular. Hopeful music will be around for a very long time.