The saxophone is a very misunderstood instrument. When It is mentioned, the typical person thinks of Jazz, pop, or rock of the 20th century. The saxophone, although a huge part of the 20th century “radio” genre, was and still Is part of the classical repertoire. The Instrument Itself Is very popular, and It Is very common to have a wind band with several saxophone players. It Is found most often In Jazz ensembles. But, the saxophone was Invented in 1840, and Jazz did not show up until the 20th entry.

The saxophone was around well before jazz musicians Charlie Parker, Lester Young, and Paul Despond were alive. So, what was the purpose of the classical saxophone? Where did it come from? Adolph Sax could not have imagined the popularity of his invention at the time that he patented it. He was born in Dianna, on the Mouse River. This Belgium city was once under French rule. Sax’s father was an architect and a musician. He enjoyed tinkering in his father’s shop, always trying to lid or invent something.

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His father encouraged this, and without this encouragement, the saxophone may have not been invented until many years later. His first musical experiences were good ones, and being very fluent in woodwinds, he began to notice Intonation problems with clarinets. He would tinker with them trying to Improve on the Instrument. Had Sax not been so content with Improving on Instruments, he surely would have been a virtuoso clarinetist.

At the age of 14 he wowed much potential, but his true love was working on the instruments. By the time he was 16, he had already been recognized for his improvements on the clarinet. He entered many shows and competitions showing his improved instruments. Still, he was not satisfied. He wanted something new and exciting. He came upon the idea of having a conical brass instrument that produced a sound with a reed, like a clarinet. By 1840 he had built his first saxophones. He entered the 1841 Belgium Exhibition.