Changes occurred In the cycles because many people Immigrated from farms and small towns to the cycles. There were more people In the cycles than In rural places. Many of these people headed to the southern California, whose rapidly growing economic needs labor. This new society also included a great advanced on technology and new modern way to advertise consumer products that appealed and meet Americans’ psychological desired and needs. Some of these modern advances in technology are telephones which made communication better, automobiles that helped with transportation. Adios and movies that helped spread mass cultures throughout the nation. In sass’s culture changes includes nightclubs that sold liquor in violation of prohibition which lead to large profits for the owners of this illegal speakeasies and the ” bootleggers”. Consumers ordered a cup of tea, but the teacup was empty. There was a guy that filled the cup of tea with vodka. Police official accepted bribes to Tums a bind eye to violations of the law. Another change in culture included modern literature that included modern language, poems and writings.

The Lost generations” of cultural exiles included novelist and poets like F. Scott Fitzgerald whose writing style included symbolism that usually had a dark side behind the story or writing immigrated to Paris where he felt valued art and culture and appreciated, he also experienced freedom of the expression. There were disconnections from traditional support. Many people Including young people moved to the cities and lived by their own. The next change In culture was a change In architecture style name Art deco.

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In ass’s these type of architecture characterized by precise and boldly declined geometric shapes and strong colors that were used In modern buildings such as the Empire Stated building. This changes In modern society also Includes a new type or planting art that Includes cubism, futurism dada. Some of theses painters were Pablo Picasso (1920) and Charles Demure both artist were known for cubism style of painting and Man painting. Another new modern change introduced a new music style Jazz music. The movement started on New Ireland’s SST. D the spread in many different cities simultaneously. Jazz music includes multiple change in rhythms such as improvisation, polymath, blue not (long note) also this type of music broke the rules. It was very rebellious type of music- consider underground. One of the pioneers of this music movement was Louis Armstrong. The Harlem renaissance started when blacks began to write and compose their own music and poems and used as a way to protest. Harlem also was a home to black community that establishes links with popular New York artist such as poets and violist.

One of these authors or artist was Longboats Hughes as African American poet who wrote poetry in which the subject matter was the African American issues and experiences written in dialect on of his more known writing is ” The negro speaks of river” (1920). The change on society includes the prewar feminist demand for personal freedom and adoption to their new political situation. Feminist struggle to adapt to the new political situation and the achievement of suffrage in (1920) and the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote for the first time.

Activist labor reformer Juliet Stuart insisted women no longer required a special legal protection. They need equal access to employment, education and all the other opportunities for citizens. Women changed their clothes styles, they dressed more like men and get rid of the corset and used their natural shape. They changed their hairstyle, used short skirts and smoke and drink in public and give use of the birth control method such as the diaphragm, this change n women styles were called flapper and this change only occurred in large cities.