Can you ever Imagine living In a time when the blacks were completely separated from the whites? Think of all of your close friends and maybe even relatives that are black, and seeing them being treated as if they were worthless. All of this changed during the Harlem Renaissance. People such as writers, artists, and musicians solely believed that Harlem should be a place for Africans to express their culture without being Judged by white people.

So in this paper, I will explain how Harlem became the lace known as “The Capital of Black America. ” Harlem was known as the place to go to for blacks during this time period. African Americans were not taken seriously or recognized in their work or culture, and it was hard for them to get a Job. Also, the lack of wealth resulting from slavery made It necessary for most blacks to live In poor neighborhoods. This explains why blacks came together to express their unhappiness. The migrants from the South brought with them new Ideas and a new kind of music, called Jazz.

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Soon, Harlem produced a burst of African-American ultra actively known as the Harlem Renaissance, which began In the sass and lasted into the sass. It was called a renaissance because it symbolized a rebirth of hope for African Americans. Harlem became home to writers, musicians, singers, painters, sculptors, and scholars. There they were able to exchange ideas and develop their creativity. Some of Harem’s people were poets, such as Longboats Hughes, James Weldon Johnson, and Counted Culled. There were also novelists, such as Claude McKay, and Zorn Neal Hurst.

Longboats Hughes was one of Harem’s cost famous writers. He wrote about the difficult conditions under which African Americans lived. According to many of these poets, Harlem was a promise of a better life, a place where a man didn’t have to know his place simply because he was black. You might be wondering how blacks even started settling In Harlem In the first place. Well, housing executives planned to create neighborhoods In Harlem, these were designed specifically for white workers who wanted to go back and forth from, and back into the city.

However, housing grew more quickly than the transportation accessory to bring residents into the downtown area. The once exclusive district was abandoned by the whites, and frustrated developers were forced to deal with with lower purchase prices than they first expected. White Harlem landlords started selling their properties to black real estate agents, and they also began renting to black residents. Meanwhile, the re-development and improvement of the cities pushed many blacks out of the urban areas. As a result, many African Americans began moving to Harlem.

Between 1900 and 1920, the number of blacks in the New York City neighborhood doubled. They brought with them not only the Institutions and businesses necessary to support themselves, but a wide range of talents. The area soon became known as “The Black Mecca” and “The Capital of Black America. ” A new way of playing the piano called the Harlem Stride Style, was created during the blacks. The traditional Jazz band was mostly brass instruments and was considered a symbol of the south, and the piano was considered an instrument of the wealthy.

Innovation and liveliness were important characteristics of performers in the ginning of Jazz. Jazz musicians at the time were very talented and competitive, and were considered to have started the foundation for future black musicians. During this time period, the musical style of blacks was becoming more and more attractive to whites. White novelists, dramatists, and composers began to pay attention to the music and themes of African American culture. Composers used poems written by African American poets in their songs. The African Americans used art to prove their humanity and demand for equality.

The Harlem Renaissance led to more opportunities for blacks to be published by mainstream houses. Many authors began to publish novels, magazines and newspapers during this time. Some common themes represented during the Harlem Renaissance were influenced by the experience of slavery and developing African American folk traditions on black individuality, the effects of racism, and the question of how to deal with the experience of modern black life in the urban north. The Renaissance was more than a literary or artistic movement; it influenced a certain sociological development.

The Harlem Renaissance was successful because it showed the importance of black culture in America. Not only through a blast of culture, but also how America, and the world, viewed African Americans. The migration of southern blacks to the north changed the image of the African American from rural, UN-educated people, and showed the significance and importance of them. This new view of African Americans led to the blacks becoming famous and appreciated. As you can see, Harlem was a new beginning for African Americans; it helped regain their confidence and prosperity.