Why can’t I let it go? Why can’t I let you know? Why can’t I let you know the song my heart would sing, that beautiful rhapsody of love and youth and spring? The music is sweet, the words are true – the song is you! In my book this was his greatest song, The Song Is You, composed by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerings. The genius of Frank Sinatra is that he makes you feel the song he sings is you, you alone, you above all.

He gives vent to all your innermost feelings, your unspoken desires, your secret loves – the first tender kiss, the once-again and forever-after of teenage crush, the deep and abiding love of wife and husband, the towering and tender passion of man and woman, the sadness and the gladness, the triumphs and failures, the twists and turns, the gigs and gags of our Journey upon this earth. No one In this world can do this except Frank Sinatra. And probably no one ever will. Before Tim McGraw, Led Zeppelin, and even before Elvis Presley there was Frankie, the man some say “held the patent for the popular song”.

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Francis Albert Sinatra was born December 12, 1915, the only child of working-class Italian American immigrants. At birth he was thought to be stillborn until his grandmother revived him under cold water. He made his career through Junior High school but only lasted forty-seven days in senior high. This could be partly due to his attitude toward school, Frank was touted saying: “To my crowd, school was very uninteresting, and homework was something we never bothered with. The few times we attended class we, we were rowdy.

So It Isn’t surprising that a bunch of us were expelled. ” He was a movie star, the king of nightclubs, and the definitive recording artist of his time. He stamped his sense of style on all the post war generations. He was not only a musician but also a Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor. Throughout his life he had made some 60 films, tens of millions of recordings, television specials, worldwide ours, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charities, and also became active in Politics, supporting Democratic candidates and fighting against racism in pop culture.

He also won nine Grammas and two Academy Awards. Sinatra star power ensured that his voice and lyrics of the swing era would continue throughout the years of the 20th Century. During his long career he became one of the most successful pop music figures of the century. On May 14, 1998 Francis Albert Sinatra passed away at the age of 82. But stars like Frank Sinatra never die. They continue live on through their recordings. The always be remembered.