A very common style of playing the bass in jazz from the sass through the sass is called: Selected Answer: Incorrect running bass. Correct Answer: Correct walking bass. Question 2 “Laying out”, In Jazz music, Is: Selected Answer: Incorrect when the musicians decide how they are going to play the song. Correct Answer: Correct When a muscular doesn’t play while another artist Is taking their solo. Question 3 1 out of 1 points ABA is an example of: Correct “form” Question 4

Jazz players often use a technique (or groove) that gives the music a momentum and “forward propelling” feel. This style or effect Is called: Selected Answer: Incorrect vibrato. Correct swing. Question 5 In a typical Jazz performance: Incorrect will Just improvise the whole thing. Correct musicians will play the “head” first and then take solos. Question 6 The basic sequence of events Incorrect ABA. Correct head-solos-head. Question 7 Improvisation is: Correct Spontaneous/real time composing by the musician. Question 8 Which of these names is NOT a type of saxophone? Correct Coronet. Question 9

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Which of these is NOT a member of the “Brass instrument” family? Selected Incorrect Trombone. Correct Saxophone. Question 10 Which of these players is NOT normally a member of the “rhythm section” ? Selected Incorrect piano. Correct saxophone. Question 11 Jazz musicians often call the basic melody of a typical Jazz tune (which is played at the beginning and end of the piece) the: Selected Answer: Incorrect the “bridge” Correct a “head” Question 12 Form is: Correct how a song is put together. Question 13 One trip through a given songs chord progression is called: Incorrect a “head” Correct a “chorus”