This research discusses the impact of music In the life of people. It Is done on the basis of various online sources and It Is shown how music has a huge Impact on the life of people. The study revealed that music has benefited the people In a positive way. It has helped In curing the diseases, controlling anger, managing stress and emotions. Life without music can not be Imagined. Music has played a vital role In enjoying the life. After reading this paper, readers should have an Idea about the Impact of music In the life of people. Introduction

Music is in everybody’s heart and soul. It is an important part in the life of people. Different people listen to different genre of music in different parts of the world. Life is impossible without music. Music is a means of controlling one’s anger, managing emotions, reducing stress, etc. Music is a form of expressing the feelings of an individual. For me, music is life. I am very much interested in music. Although I cannot play any musical instruments, I love listening to music. Most of the times when I am free and tired, I listen to music. Listening to soulful music helps to control one’s anger.

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Whenever I am in a bad mood or I feel tensed, music helps me manage my anger in such a way that I forget all my tensions and worries. Music therapy is the best way to control anger. Focusing on music in such a way by relating it to one’s personal life’s can help in raising awareness through emotions. When people are much stressed, they try to avoid it by listening to music. Most of the people listen to slow, soft, calm and classical music when they are in stress. Listening to music before going to bed at night makes people feel relaxed and helps them to sleep well.

There are some benefits of music like eloping disabled children to improve their quality of life, reduce pain, control depression and increase self esteem, improves concentration, and improves health; most importantly music is the medicine of the heart (“Top benefit of listening music,” 2010). There was a survey conducted to determine the effect of music on depression levels in older adults. The study was conducted from July 2009-June 2010 at participants’ home in Singapore. In total, 50 older adults (24 using music and 26 control) completed the study after being recruited.

Participants listened to their choice of music for 30 minutes per week for eight weeks. Depression scores were collected once a week for eight weeks. As a result of this depression levels reduced weekly In the music group compared with non-music group (Chant, Wong, Nelson & Ayatollah, 2012). Types of Music can be of different types In different parts of the world. Music and sound can make human voice or instrument which can cause emotional experience. Music genres of music, which is still listening. Some common types of music are pop music, classical music, rock music, rap music, and so forth.

People listen to the types of music that suits their personalities. For example; the people of the U. S mainly sites to rock and heavy metal music. On the other hand the people in Asia have their own preferences. Importance of Music Everyone loves music. Music is everywhere and it is spread all over the world. Music has power and importance. There are some reasons why music is important. Music is a universal language. It brings people together and creates universal community. It inspires common human beings. Music enhances learning and makes it more enjoyable.

Playing music uses many brain functions like hearing, imagination, sight, memory, etc. Music is spiritual. All religions use music to express spiritual values and uplift the spirit. Music is simply a pleasure. Listening to music gives listeners a pleasure and enhances their mood (Maxwell, 2007). Impact of Music Music has a huge impact on society, youth and people, and life. Mainly it has an impact on youth or youngsters. Many children are actively engaged in music learning. The fact is 76% of children ages 8-18 own an amp player (Manfred, 2011).

They listen to different types of music of different artists and bands and try to be like them. They try to copy their personality, mostly the hairstyles. The teens usually make friends with others who have same taste in music. In a university cafeteria, students were given a list of 14 things they could buy, with different music played to accompany their buying process. When “tacky” easy listening music played, they spent an average of EYE. 51. With “lively” pop music, that increased to EYE. 61, and with “up market” classical it was El 7. 23 (“Breaking the sound,” 2010).

This shows that music have impact on the wealth and affluence and can force people to spend more. Music also has a huge impact on the society. One person’s music is another person’s noise. Some would say any background music is a waste of money. Loud, fast music will certainly annoy or alienate many who hear it (Frazier, 1998). Music has to be played in the right place and at the right time. When music is played at a busy place or when a work is going on, the people get disturbed and annoyed. Due to this they can not concentrate on their work.

Music brings communication among different people in the society. Different people live in a society, and they have different tastes and preferences regarding music. People who like rock songs make a group in a society who likes rock songs. Note: Retrieved from http://www. Smarting. Org Some people Just can not live without hearing some kind of music. According to survey done on music from the figure above, about 84% of the people responded that they always listen to music and 16% agreed that sometimes enjoy it too. This shows that most of the people are music-born lovers.

There is significant impact of music on our lives. Some diseases can be treated by listening to music. It is common to earphones. Thus, music has a huge impact on the life of every individual whether positive or negative. Dance also has been a part of music. The melody of music influences people in dancing. We can take an example of one of the greatest pop anger of all times, Michael Jackson. The dance moves that he did for his music has influenced millions of people throughout the world. Most of the people’s role model is Jackson due to his famous moon walk dance.

His dance move is so famous that small children can imitate his dance move. This is all because of the people’s interest in music. So, music helps us live our life in a peaceful way. Conclusion Thus, listening to music helps achieve goals in a way that it helps individuals to cope with a certain amount of difficulties they face in their life. I mostly listen to the songs of the Beetles. Those songs are very influential. Whenever I am too stressed and in a bad mood, the songs of the Beetles help me avoid stress and I become calm and cool. Apart from Beetles, I mostly listen to Plywood songs from the past decades.

Those songs are very soulful, and I feel like the environment is very peaceful and makes me feel very relaxed. So, music keeps the body and mind of every individual fresh and people can concentrate on their works very easily. The person who stops listening to music is a person who stops to live his life. Music plays a vital role in the life of an individual. It reflects in every works he/she does. It is not wrong to say that music is interconnected with the body of an individual. It is not possible to imagine a life without music. Life would be boring without music.