Popular music Is defined as “any genre of music having wide appeal but usually only for a short time. “(Popular music) My definition of popular music Is music mostly by one hit wonders or well established artists appealing widely for a short time. Popular music differs from other genres of music because with other genres of music they are constrained to that genre meaning that have to fit that group and really venture outside that box and still be called that genre.

As for popular music, I live it does Just the opposite: it isn’t constrained, it doesn’t fit a model, it dares to be different, and it evokes all genres of music. One popular music genre is rock, rock music has gone though many changes in the recent years and has received countless backlash for those changes. I believe Richard Brooklimes said it best “Rock is a form of popular culture that alms downward instead of aiming up. Rather than aspiring, it despises” (Brooklimes, 385).

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I feel that Brooklimes said this because as that the century progresses and technology progresses we are no longer shocked. So popular rock artists try to push the limits of our society, but In doing so it brings the popular culture down. “If history repeats Itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from Popular rock music of today has had the same effect on older generations as it has had 50 year ago granted, the band names and styles of dress have changed, but the disapproval of the music hasn’t.

Michael Buds once said that ” It can be argued, however, that the passion and energy expended in attempts to alter or suppress rock and roll expression have only spurred rockers to flaunt “objectionable” aspects of their music and worldview in a spirit of defiant celebration”(Buds, Peg. 392, 2). Historical Rock music was seen as a defiant celebration that people believed promoted sex, violence, and drugs. In some cases this reign true some people did do drugs and had sex because of the music, but that slim number of people were Just social followers.

Even today we still have those some number of people who don’t have their own voice but for the most part people Just listen to the music. One concern that I have for rock music today is that its going to far to push the envelope, one artist in particular is Marilyn Manson. His music is so controversial that it has been banded for being sold in many different stores because of graphic lyrics. To me his music is the ultimate taboo because when I listen to it for this project it freak me out I thought I was listening to the devil himself, but I digress historical and contemporary concerns for rock music are one in the same.

Most of the people who dislike popular rock have hopes that it would change to fit he norms of our society, and those who like popular rock music have hopes that it doesn’t change. As for me I feel that popular rock music Is an area that I have little experience In. One hope that I do have for that genre of music is that In some ways It would tone down It radicalized, because some of the lengths that these artist go to be called taboo Is ridiculous. I sometimes wonder to myself If they really need to be controversial to sell records or is that just a big hoax. Also for the people who dislike all popular rock music garbage.

Technology has made many advances though out our lifetime from allowing us to o into outer space to giving us the ability to sustain life. In recent years technology has really allowed music to become ubiquitous because technology has given us the pod, and PEP sharing servers that allow you to share all genres of music with others. The pods shuffle feature allows us to randomly hear songs that you have uploading on your pod. To me the pod shuffle feature and the PEP sharing servers have actually hindered popular rock music in some ways one being that it allows you to pick only the songs that you like instead of buy the actual CD.

Another cultural implication of music ubiquity is in clothing more popular music artists are producing clothing lines. So young impressionable minds see these clothes and want them because their favorite artist has their name on them. My take on popular music artist clothing is “l like it” I have actually brought something that had an artist’s name Just because it had their name on it. Their are many attitudes towards popular rock music Pablo Calls had a negative attitudes towards rock where in he states “You Want to know what I think of that abomination, rockabilly” I think it I a disgrace.

Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but also for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for American-that such a great country should have nothing better to pour into then expectant ear of mankind then this raucous distillation of the ugliness of our times, performed by Juveniles for Juveniles. It is a terrible and sardonic trick of fate that the children of the present century should have to grow up with their bodies under continual bombardment from atomic fall-out and their souls exposed to rockabilly” (Calls, 1961).

But in rock’s defiance Linda Martin and Kerry Graves said “Rock and roll fans, if even a portion of what the critics have said was true, by now you would be stone deaf, with their minds burnt out by drugs, and their bodies wasted b y excessive fornication. That none of this is true has never bothered rock opponents or caused them to pause in their attacks. Rock basing has remained constant since the mid-sass both in content and style” (Martin and Graves, 1993). From these two arguments you can tell how serious the matter of popular rock music is to them.

My attitude toward popular rock music is Just like my political stand straight down the middle their are issues that I support on either side for instance on then con side I do believe that popular rock music has gotten to radical I know it could get worst but still. On the pro side I believe there are some artist that fall in the popular rock music genre that have Just been over looked. In Closing popular rock music has had and a colorful past and most likely will have a colorful future. Just as long as people get bored with the norms there will always be people pushing the limits.