My dad is a professional musician so I started playing music really early. I started banging around on the piano at around 2 years old and started playing string bass at 4 years old. My first gig was playing recorder with my dad at Issue Project Room at 4 years old. My serious playing started when I was 5 and started studying drums. I studied drums at Brooklyn Conservatory with Marc Johnson for about 2 years then I started playing trumpet at around 7.

That was the instrument I really wanted to play since I as two years old but I couldn’t play it because my grown up teeth weren’t in yet. I played in Carnegie Hall with my dad and Dan Azans when I was 8 years old and then when I was 9, I won a scholarship for 3 years for private lessons and Jazz theory and ensemble at the Brooklyn Conservatory. First I studied there with Duane Banks but then I switched to Kevin Louis who I really love. My first trumpet teacher was actually Russ Johnson who Vive known since I was a baby and I’d love to study with him at Jazz camp.

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Right now, I am playing gigs with my own two rock bands. In one, I play trumpet and sing and in the other I play bass sometimes, drums sometimes and sing. I also compose my own songs and I hope to do more of that at Jazz camp. I’m now playing professional gigs with my dad sometimes and with the Diddle-Diddle-Des which Is a band of adults that plays music for little kids that Involves America History In their songs. I want to apply to Laggardly high school for Jazz and I feel that being Jazz camp will help me become a better musician which will help In my application and Just In general.