It’s amazing how one song can change your entire mood. Whether it brings back an old memory, or pumps you up for a basketball game, music can do wonders. One simple song could change a lot. Music originated In the Paleolithic era, scientists have found ancient flutes made of bones with lateral holes punched In them. The Hurricane song, found on clay tablets that date back to approximately 1400 B. C. , Is the oldest surviving notated work of music.

If it weren’t for the music legends like Kurt Cabin,Jim Hendrix, The Beetles, Bob Marled, Johnny Cash, and of course, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, music would eave never evolved into what it is today. ‘ Music today mostly consumed by pop, country, rap, and whatever Mille Cyrus is. A few of the popular artists today are Florida Georgia Line, Kathy Perry, Mine, Drake, and Imagine Dragons. Most of the artists who rise in music today are quickly pushed out of the spotlight by the next “big thing’. The particular genre of music I prefer Is rap.

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Artists Like Kindlier Lamar, Kid Cud, and WIZ Shall are some of the people I Like to listen to. I also like country and some pop. Country and pop artists whom I Like are Florida Georgia Line, Imagine Dragons, and Blake Shelton. I love listening to music. Relaxing in my room listening to my favorite song is probably my idea of mini paradise. Music to me is one of the most powerful and important things in my life. Music is an expression of someone’s feelings that can be translated into other people’s feelings, depending on how the person interprets it.

Music has a very strong impact on society. People that live in deferent areas of the world like different types of music. For example, people around South Dakota probably prefer country music more than people In New York. Music Is as popular today as it’s ever been. Everybody Likes music. Music allows people a release from the stress that life puts on people, allowing them to feel emotions that they have never felt before, emotions that they can’t feel anywhere else.

The reason we feel the emotions that we do is because when a person listens to a song that they really like, their body releases a hormone called dopamine. Dopamine improves blood flow in humans, reducing risk of heart attacks, heart failure, kidney problems, and low-blood pressure. Robert Young McMahon, music theory professor at the College of New Jersey, says people listen to music to help them feel good in whatever situation they are in and hat different types of music call for different situations. If you go to a grocery store, you hear music played In the background that usually has popular standards,” McMahon says. “But, If you go to the Penn Station In New York, you usually hear classical music. There Is a reason that they are playing those specific kinds of music. ” That reason Is because subway stations In New York can get really hectic, and classical music would relax people hopefully enough for them not to cause a ruckus. If you want to relax, most people would probably recommend classical music.

They loud probably recommend it because of the slow melodies, and a generally relaxing sound. What they don’t know is that classical music can actually slow down your heart rate, causing real relaxation Music also makes you think than you would consciously. When your brain listens to music, it tries to separate each individual sound. An example would be when you listen to a song, your brain focuses on the beat of the drum while also focusing on the strum of the guitar and the lyrics to the song. This causes your brain to exercise without you even realizing it, causing you to end out brain waves.